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Ireland – The Attack of the Celtic Tiger


Words: 4516 (19 pages)

Introduction Ireland has faced extremely fast development in many industrial sectors during the last decades. This has not happened by accident and that is what made it for us an interesting case to study in more detail. The Irish government policy towards Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) has affected to a large extent to Multinational Organizations’…

Religious Conflict in Northern Ireland and the Role of the State


Words: 2506 (11 pages)

Introduction Northern Ireland’s past is distinct by its religious conflicts that began the time when Celtic pagans realized their customs and religion cluttered by Christians with scripture and wielding swords. When Ireland was under British rule in the 18th century, the prohibited Catholics not to hold office in the parliament of Ireland, a rule that…

The Truth About Northern Ireland Research



Words: 4186 (17 pages)

The Truth About Northern Ireland Essay, Research Paper For those that understand no account is necessary ; for those that don t no account is possible. -graffiti on a peace wall in Belfast Prologue My involvement in the struggle in Northern Ireland dates back to 1994, when Gerry Adams was granted a visa to see…

Conservation of the Amazon Rain Forests


Words: 1434 (6 pages)

The rainforests are essential for life on earth, and destroying them could result in an ecological imbalance and the loss of many valuable resources; therefore measures must be established to protect the worlds rainforests. The rainforests are a major factor in the stability of the environment, especially in the greenhouse effect and the help to…

The Conflict between Northern Ireland and England


Words: 4359 (18 pages)

            The Northern Ireland conflict was an internal war that happened in Northern Ireland between1968 and 1969 after people marched along the streets for their civil rights. The term that is commonly used is ‘The troubles’ and has its roots from the Irish war of independence (1919-1923) It is also used to refer to the…

The conquest of ireland


Words: 1971 (8 pages)

ENGLISH IMPERAIALISM UNDER HENRY II In 1155 Pope Adrian IV issued a significant bull that changed the history of Ireland and England forever. The papal bull issued gave Henry II, King of England (1154-1189), the right to conquer Ireland .Ireland has gained and lost as a result of English rule. It was rewarded with a…

Sociological Background to the Northern Ireland Conflict



Words: 3539 (15 pages)

The aim of this essay is to present a sociological interpretation on the background to the Northern Ireland as not simply a religious war by looking Catholic discrimination in detail and also help develop a better understanding of how the discrimination has been reversed in recent years. Firstly, two key theorists Hewitt and O’Hearn will…

What effect did the Norman Conquest have on Ireland?


Words: 2929 (12 pages)

This paper discusses the Norman conquest of Ireland, which began in 1170 and the impact this had on Irish life, including religion, society and politics. It concludes that the immediate effect of the invasion and conquest was the re-organization of Ireland’s administration, which became more centralized and subject to Norman sovereignty. A parallel development took…

Why were the British Troops sent to Northern Ireland in August 1969?


Words: 1487 (6 pages)

On the 14 and 15 August 1969 British Troops were deployed to Northern Ireland to the cities of Derry and Belfast. They were sent in to try and stop the ongoing crisis between the Protestants and Catholics which had resulted in riots. This increase in violence just caused a lot more mistrust between the two…

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