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Conservation of the Amazon Rain Forests


Tropical rainforest

Words: 1434 (6 pages)

The rainforests are essential for life on earth, and destroying them could result in an ecological imbalance and the loss of many valuable resources; therefore measures must be established to protect the worlds rainforests. The rainforests are a major factor in the stability of the environment, especially in the greenhouse effect and the help to…

Effects of Deforestation and the Protection of Rainforests


Tropical rainforest

Words: 985 (4 pages)

In this essay I will write about the affects of deforestation, how we can protect the rainforest and the ways the rainforest survives and the plants get their food. A tropical rainforest is full of tall trees, thick undergrowth and it is full of a wide variety of wild life. They have a very wet…

Importance of the Rainforests to the World

Tropical rainforest


Words: 4266 (18 pages)

The rainforests are very important to the world for many reasons, most of them being very simple. One major reason is that the plants in the forest turn carbon dioxide into clean air, which helps usfight pollution. Also, by absorbing carbon dioxide, the rainforests help deter the greenhouse effect.The trees of the rainforest store carbon…

How People in New Guinea Island Have Adapted to Tropical Rainforests


Tropical rainforest

Words: 680 (3 pages)

How have people in New Guinea Island adapted to tropical rainforests? Introduction Tropical rainforests are special geographical landscape around the world, which are covered with various species of plants and animals. The tropical rainforests are wet and hot. Mean monthly temperatures exceed 18 °C (64 °F) during all months of the year and average annual rainfall…

Frequently Asked Questions about Tropical rainforest

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What is a tropical in a rainforest?
A Tropical Rainforest is a hot, humid, and flourishing dense forest, usually found around the equator. Tropical rainforests receive around 100 inches (254 centimeters) of rainfall yearly, and contain tall broad-leaved evergreen trees that form a continuous canopy.
What is tropical rainforest essay?
The rainforest has some of the largest rivers in the world due to the immense amount of rainfall. ... These rainforests are known to occupy 6% of the Earth's total surface area and they act as a habitat for the majority of flora and fauna.
Why is the loss of tropical rainforest important?
When we lose rainforests, we lose an important natural resource. Tropical rainforests are centers of biodiversity, holding an estimated half of the world's plants and animals, many of which have yet to be catalogued (some scientists estimate that it's two-thirds of the world's plants).
Why is the tropical rainforest important?
As well as the vivid beauty that comes with great diversity in plants and animals, rainforests also play a practical role in keeping our planet healthy. By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing the oxygen that we depend on for our survival. The absorption of this CO2 also helps to stabilize the Earth's climate.

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