Does the Thought of Being a Registered Nurse Interest You?

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Does the thought of being a registered nurse interest you? Registered nurses keep track of symptoms patients may be having, patients’ medical history, perform diagnostic tests and analyze results, RN’s often help with rehabilitation, operate equipment, give prescriptions, and they provide emotional support and advice. Healthcare would be negatively affected without the help of registered nurses because they do things like keep track of medical history, symptoms, and medications and if RN’s did not perform these tasks, then doctors would have to do it themselves it would take time away from saving lives or performing surgeries. Registered nursing is an important job that provides a decent salary, it does not require too much schooling, and has a nice outlook for the future.

There are a few ways to become a registered nurse. An individual can earn a diploma through a hospital, an ADN through a community college, or get a bachelors degree. To gain a nursing license you have to graduate from a nursing program and pass the NCLEX exam. It is not necessary to have any certifications and it is a voluntary choice to get any. Some jobs may only hire nurses if they have certain certifications.

Some people might think that just because they are a nurse that they have to work in a hospital or doctors office but that is not the case. Being a registered nurse can allow someone to work in many different environments. Many RN’s work at clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, or in the military. There is also other places they could work for example; private physician practices, public health agencies, home healthcare, outpatient surgicenters, or mental health agencies. It is possible to be a traveling nurse and travel across the united states and work in every possible possible setting, which also allows you to see different parts of the united states.

In most cases, nurses who work full time will get health, dental, and vision insurance. Sometimes they might have to pay a monthly premium to receive these types of benefits. Most work places offer up to one month of vacation or paid time off. The employment rate is expected to go up by 16% between 2014 and 2024. After becoming a registered nurse it is possible to become a midwife, nurse practitioner, nursing supervisor, or a nurse anesthetist.

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