The Funerary Monument of Flavius Agricola

This piece called the Funerary monument of Flavius Agricola was a large marble piece that is categorized as a piece of ancient art. This was depicted as a man being served at a party on a diner lid. This was a piece made out of white marble with scratchy black and brown lines that went in a vertical direction. Those black and brown lines also give it a visual texture of movement and realism. Since the man is lying in a half seat perspective you see the horizontal lines of his leg and his body. This is countered with the vertical lines of the man’s robe which I feel gives the piece it main detail.

He has one knee bent upward where the rope become wrinkly and the other leg that is flat and cross under his upward leg. On his bottom leg you can tell the robe was stretch out because his knee and most of his thigh there are no wrinkles. He has a simple torso and a simple face that is detail but not highly detailed. The lid he is sitting on is fairly big but it is not overwhellming big where it takes away from the actual purpose of the piece. The man I not life size but it is a big sculpture that has equal scale to the background piece.

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The first thing that I was attracted to was the size of it I like big giant art and this was one of the bigger pieces in the ancient art sections. The other thing that attracted I was how he was described I felt this was a man that was just relaxing and enjoying life. I felt he had no worries in the world just him and whatever he had in his bowl. It was as if he was almost going to take a nap because he was at peace with himself. The next piece is a contemporary piece of art that you could not take your eyes of when you walked into the room.

This was a piece that I felt had that wow factor to it which intrigued me to look more in depth in to it. This I feel is an optical allusion that use lighting, lines, and color to make the object look like it are floating in air. There is a dim round line that blend into the wall and its shadow and also a thick horizontal line that is the focal point of this piece. That overlapping lines of the shadow also helps with the illusions. What i feel is the main part of this is the coloring. It is like a light greenish with a hint of brown in it.

Once I got up to the piece it was painted in a fade fashion where the edges where paint darken than the middle of the circle. It also looked like the edges were slight glossy clear so that the edges would fade back into the wall which also gave it that illusion. This was spaced out on a huge wall so that it was the vocal point. It was not a full sphere it was about a third of a sphere that was about two feet off the wall. Going from a the exciteing eye pogalling contemary art to a renessance painting is a big deference in style and color.

In the libo of crist is it hard to see a flow of lines because there is so `much going in this painting all the line blends and fades in with each other which makes it diffacult to deteamin where the lines go. The intrersting about this paint is the color scheme. It uses muiltaple warm colors. In the back right is the brightest part of the picture where it looks like fire which brings you to this face body thing that is also one of the brightest parts of the this painting. This is a dark evilisee feeling by the colors in it. The reds, yellows, and oranges that create fire in a couple parts of the photo.

Then ther is the dark green and blues that cause a dark feeling of the painting. The darkness of the right side bring me the start there and fade over to the left where is still seems dark but it seems to calm down a slight bit. The scaleing of this is I feel is small because the painting has muiliaple pictures it is all in one but there are many differnet pictures all blened together. For example there is a face body guy that has some sort of a floor like a dance floor where people are dancing and next to that there is a build with a guy trying to keep the dorr shut.

Even though there is a ton of different pictures going on they all have a follow to them that makes it seem possible. From a wild busy painting that had a great since of darkness and evil and then moving to a paint from the eighteenth century to a calm painting call washinton street at dusk. In this painting I have a feeling that the artist used a two point perspective because the strait vertical lines and the horizontal lines the make yours eyes wonder towards the back where it creeps away into a blur of small builings.

The building on the left has sharp vertical lines because the shadows in the windows and the side had a strong difference in color . that building also has sharp horizional lines that are slighty title toward the botton of the painting. There are easy to see because of the shadow difference and the different color of the roof. The coloring is a more calm color there is no intense bright color except in the street lights. The sky brings you from the left where is still as a tad of daylight left to where the right side is becoming dark and night like. The building are of a light warm gray or brown.

There are visable line but it also has a high saturation of colors. There is no major difference in hue between the people and cars in the street and the buildings. There is a use od three dimention space in this paint beacue of the shading and the shadows from the building and the people in the street. This paint is very large paint it tooke of most of the wall it was on. The inner scale is not as large and the the actuall outline if it. It is small inner scale because it has a lot going on there are small people everywhere there is a trally that looks small compared to all of the full painting.

There are tons of building in this paint and the man reason that has a small inner scale is because the sky takes up about a half or even more that the half of ther painting. The most iintresting thing about this paint that got my attetions was how it was poainted. From a far it looked like a smooth flowing painting but once you got close the the painting there where thick glabs of paint. The poaint seemed thick and was painted on top of each other and coul tell where there was a differnet change. Up close it didtn have a smooth fade between colors.

In the painting Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan there are no globs of bland colors or sharp line like in the painting of Washington street at dusk. In this painting there are curvy line that have a veraity of thick and thin. there are mostly vertical because the people are sitting up. You can see the lines are the woman sitting of the mans lap because she is very pale and the man is wearing a dark tone of colors. the sheets and the robes create lines that seem to flow in wavy direction. The crumbling of the sheets creates thick and thin lines that fade in and out from draker to lighter.

The silouetts of there bodys are noticale because of the drastic change in color in the background. There is also a sense of horizontal lines that you can see from the clouds on the bottom and the clouds on the top. These and bubbly type lines that roll in to each other like hills on a grass plan. the clouds are the boringest part of the picture when talking about the color of the whole picture. They are a gloomy shades of gray but that is what bring out the bright colors of the picture. There dark green sheet would no be as noticeable if the gloomy cloud where not in ther background.

The gold of the mans shield and his uniform whould not be as bright if the background didn’t bring the true color of it. the gold helment with the strong highlight bring you into the main part of the picture. Then your eyes fade to the pale skin color that pops out at you. The plae skin jumps out at you because of the the coloring behind her. She stick out off the brownish gold and the dark red that lays behind her paste white body. Most of the picture is in a dark shade of the color besides the womans white body that is even more noticeable with the highlight on her shoulder and upper back.

The main part of the painting stick out because of the colors and because of the scale of scale of the opainting this was a decent size paints and the main focasue is the man and the woman because they are the biggest part of the painting. They both take up most of the left side of the painting with the mans helment and head towing past the half way point of the picture. the other small part of negative space is filled with clouds and a small scale image of gods in the clouds. In most cases the scale of gods would be bigger than the humans but since this is a paint of god they can be scales down.

They are also scaled down because the artist attempted to create depth by making the gods in the clouds look smaller so thtat the look like they are father away. The artist also great positive and negative space with the clouds and the the coloring. The weight of the picture falls in the bottom half because of both the main images are at the bottom and the darker colors being on the bottom. The darker clouds at the bottom transfer up into lighter clouds and even to no clouds at the top.

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