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Essays on Pepsi

Distribution Channel of Pepsi Max

History PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and has grown to become the country’s largest-selling food and Beverage Company. PepsiCo India and its partners have invested more than USD1 billion since the company was established in the country. PepsiCo nourishes consumers with a range of products from treats to healthy eats that deliver joy as well …

Difference between Pepsi and Coke

When it comes to Pepsi and Coke many people have a preference and most will be able to acknowledge the distinct taste difference. In this taste test however I decided to not simply test whether or not a person could distinguish one cola brand from the other, but instead see if people with a preference …

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Essay – Pepsi vs. Coke

Part 1: Why was concentrate manufacturing profitable until the late ‘90s? Porter’s Five Forces provides an in-depth understanding as to how the interconnected relationship between Entrants, Buyers, Suppliers, Substitutes, and Rivals allowed concentrate producers to increase profitability. Entrants: Existing Concentrate Producers create high barriers to entry Despite low capital requirements to enter the market, dominant …

Coke vs Pepsi in India

In 2003, Jagdeep Kapoor, chairman of Samsika Marketing Consultants in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), commented that “Coke lost a number ofyears over errors. But at last it seems to be getting its positioning right. ” Similarly, Ronald McEachern, PepsiCo’s Asia chief, asserted “India is the beverage battlefield for 2003. ” The experience ofthe world’s two giant …

The Pepsi Refresh Project

Introduction; Purpose: Pepsi way of using another avenue in selling their brand product to the public. The Pepsi Refresh Project obligated to make $20M in grants toward social innovation projects selected and voted by the public underneath the signature “refreshing ideas that change the world. ” Completed in a 10-month time, Pepsi earned 400 grants …

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