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There’s No Such Thing as Free Lunch

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When I was in high school i remember i had free lunch and some other friends had to pay a quarter (25 cents). Now that I actually understand and analyze “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” because if there was free lunch then no one will have to pay for it, but there was someone paying for it or I had to either go to school in order to get to eat free lunch. Someone will always end up paying for a so called “free lunch”.

Everything in life has a price or sometimes something is “free” only with something in exchange. We live in a world where everything is based on exchange and transactions.

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There’s No Such Thing as Free Lunch
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We all are told that nothing is for free in life, everything has a value. We never get something for nothing. These things are believed to be free but there is always a price behind this so called “free things”. Either in a restaurant, grocery store, or mall we see “buy one get one for free”.

If we think about it this is not free because if it was “free” they will just give it to us without buying something in exchange. In our society sometimes if someone wants people to come to their speech or performance they either say there is free lunch and free drinks.

These things seem to be free but they are not. Even though in this case we are not buying anything in order to get the “free” food, but we are attending to see someone give a speech or performance so we are getting something in return just for their benefit. When we hear about something being free it absolutely comes to mind that there will be some type of trading going on. In this world that seems crazily in the need for things, possessions, and stuff, it is really hard to find something that is really free.

A smile is something free we are free to give a smile to anyone, and we don’t need to get nothing in return. Memories are priceless because we can get to remember what we have lived and think about those special memories we had. This is free since we are not getting nothing in return by remembering what we have gone through and those special moments and memories we have lived with our loved ones. What we belief in is also free, so my belief in God is something freely because I am not buying or selling God I am just believing.

Nice feelings for other people or those nice feeling for ourselves are free and those great ideas we have. Love is free. I tried finding if there were really free things in this world, but I didn’t find nothing else than the free feelings and beliefs we have gotten. Everything in life is valuable not only the things or stuffs that belong to us but our emotions and feelings. In this world we have learned that it is full of people that just care for what they have. Believing things are free or having free feelings has helped us learned to live in this society.

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There’s No Such Thing as Free Lunch. (2017, Jan 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/theres-no-such-thing-as-free-lunch/

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