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Benton Written Assignment

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Marketing to a variety of customer types Goodwill Industries has mainly three types of customers shopping in their stores. Many customers frequent the high-end resale shops because their primary concern is fashion. Goodwill has upscale boutiques and specialty stores in cities throughout the United States that offer donated designer goods and department store labels. These boutiques have daily deliveries, which mean there is much variety and quantity. Goodwill is making a particularly strong push right now to improve their image, reputation, and brand, to promote Goodwill as a cool place to shop.

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If customers do not find what they are looking for one day, Goodwill urges them to check back the next day. Just as Goodwill sells a variety of items, they also cater to a variety of customers. Bargain shoppers are another type of customer patronizing Goodwill stores. They know that Goodwill stores feature barely used and new items that are offered for a low price which is very appealing to those who thrive on finding the best deals without paying department store prices.

In addition to fashion shoppers, there are resellers who know that Goodwill stores are an exceptional choice for their needs.

Goodwill offers the best variety at the lowest prices. Resellers, either individuals or companies, purchase products and services with the intention of reselling rather than consuming. Goodwill stores have everything to complete this process. I have been very pleased with my shopping experiences at Goodwill. I realize many customers see Goodwill stores as old, used merchandise and have no desire to shop there. The products sold at Goodwill stores are of exceptional quality and do include slightly used merchandise, but they also stock their stores with new designer brands.

Goodwill identifies with the different cultures that surround them and try to stock their stores with items that appeal to these cultures. It is a basic marketing goal to capture value from customers to create profits and customer equity which is the total of all customers and their lifetime loyalty to a business. One important way to achieve this goal is to sell offerings that satisfy society wants. Goodwill is attracting a variety of customers from all different cultures and nationalities because they present themselves in such a way as to think like each individual customer and what they prefer and enjoy.

Goodwill also moves product laterally between similar stores to assure that as many customers as possible see goods at the same price and social perception level. Everyone has the opportunity at the best value for their money. Goodwill updates their merchandise regularly and always offers the lowest prices. This holds true for all Goodwill stores, boutiques, and online auction sites. Customers are satisfied when they find a great value and satisfied customers talk to their friends, spreading the word. If Goodwill stores offer products which please consumers from different ultras, they will become regular customers.

It is basic human nature to desire things and purchase these items, especially when the price is low. All consumers feel delighted when they receive a bargain. Consumer wants can change depending on price. Sometimes, when the cost of an item is high, consumers may decide not to purchase. The same is true for an item that has a lowered price. This can be the determining factor for the customer making a purchase. When a customer sees 20%, 30% or even 50% markdown on merchandise, this motivates them to spend money. The ‘thrift store” concept is a social issue.

People may feel embarrassed to be found shopping in Goodwill stores. I have known people who would not be caught shopping at K-Mart. Society dictates how people show themselves. Is it acceptable to shop in Goodwill stores? Goodwill is shedding the thrift store image by introducing boutiques and improving the appearance of their regular stores. Their inventory is a variety of designer brands and used items which include clothing and furniture. These changes help to satisfy consumer demand for a trendy look and fashionable clothing which will help diminish thoughts of thrift tortes.

Goodwill stores are becoming more like traditional retailers. Marketers are not able to control the factors that affect consumer behavior but they must consider these factors in order to understand what influences consumers to make purchases. Consumers’ buying decisions reflect their type of lifestyle and also contribute to how they live. Family influences what customers purchase and where they purchase. Family happens to be the most important consumer buying organization in society. If certain family members shop at Goodwill stores, there is a solid chance other Emily members will do the same.

Goodwill stores have a relaxing, carefree atmosphere which can be very appropriate for attracting family-oriented people. Goodwill stores are a lot different than the busy, congested shopping malls. A person’s age and occupation can have an impact on the goods and services they buy. Blue-collar workers buy outdoor work clothes such as overalls, rugged boots and flannel shirts. Executives buy business suits. Goodwill stores have a variety of clothing to accommodate all types of occupations. Consumers also change their buying habits based on age.

Tastes in clothing, food, and electronics change as people get older. There is such variety at Goodwill stores that there is something for every age. Consumers are driven by psychological factors as well. The psychological factor involves a buyer’s perception of an item and that is directly linked to the item’s price. Goodwill industries are able to acquire their merchandise through donations and can offer lower prices to their customers. The psychological factor has the most profound effect on how and why customers purchase products from Goodwill. People have needs.

A motive pressures a person to seek satisfaction. Obviously, the most important needs are satisfied first, and then each need after is satisfied. Beliefs and attitudes are acquired. The more a customer believes in a product, the more likely they will make the purchase. Goodwill stores are directing their attention to changing consumer beliefs and attitudes about buying used clothes and yesterday’s designer labels. Consumers are easily persuaded when the offerings are reasonably priced and of good quality. Goodwill’s lifeline is donations. When the economy is doing well, people are irking and making money.

In turn, Goodwill will have a lot of customers shopping in their stores. Donations are in abundance at this time. As the economy goes through its many phases and slows down, consumers do not have the money to buy products and donations slow down too. Many people decide to sell their belongings on sites such as E-bay rather than donate the items to Goodwill. When Goodwill can’t sell the merchandise, they sell in bulk to recyclers to make room for new merchandise that is coming in. Goodwill moves its merchandise through a descending chain of channels.

Customer behavior is the study of why people choose to consume products. There are different processes involved in consumer behavior. Customers try to find what they would like to consume. Goodwill Industries have stores that carry so many different products. There is something in their stores that each customer would be willing to consume. Customers make an estimate of money available to spend. Goodwill focuses their efforts on targeting groups of customers with similar wants and needs. Goodwill has competitive prices and products that capture customers and keep them coming back time and again.

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