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Adolescence is a time of storm and strife


Words: 1768 (8 pages)

Adolescence is a time of “storm and strife”. Adolescence is a period of time between childhood and adulthood. This is the age when one can either make something of his life or destroy it all, this is the time when a person makes those friends who changes the how he looks at life and how…

Compare And Contrast Wind And Storm On An Island


Words: 289 (2 pages)

Compare and Contrast The poems Wind by Ted Hughes and Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney have several differences and some similarities. The poems differ in various ways, they leave readers with distinct emotions, have different perspectives or narrators. Both poems have a metaphor that clarifies the meaning. For example in the poem Wind,…

Christ in the Storm of the Sea of Galilee


Words: 301 (2 pages)

Upon seeing the creation of Dutch master Rembrandt, I became really fascinated with the painting. It depicts the artistic way of the painter as he put into images what had happened in that glorious event. The image made me look upon Christ as one great God who will never leave his people in times of…

Farmer Walking in Dust Storm Cimarron County Oklahoma


Words: 471 (2 pages)

This picture, by Arthur Rothstein, was taken in April of 1936 in Cimarron County, Oklahoma (Library of Congress, 2008). Rothstein took this photo while in Boise City, Oklahoma on an assignment for Roy Stryker, of the federal government’s Farm Security Administration, to document the severity of the storms and devastation they brought. About 14 miles…

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger


Words: 769 (4 pages)

Story a fascinating book that should definitely be put in to the high school curriculum. For a book to be used in high school it almost always has to be a classic. These would include the greats like The Great Gatsby, Hamlet, of Great Expectations. Even though The Perfect Storm is not a classic and…

Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger


Words: 2671 (11 pages)

The Perfect Storm is a creative nonfiction book written by Sebastian Junger and published by W. W. Norton & Company in 1997. The paperback edition (ISBN 0-06-097747-7) followed in 1999 from HarperCollins’ Perennial imprint. The book is about the 1991 Perfect Storm that hit North America between October 28 and November 4, 1991, and features…

When Anger Hurts: Quieting the Storm Within A Book Summary



Words: 1769 (8 pages)

Abtract Anger can be destructive. When unleashed without due consideration for others, it can be disparaging. The negative outcome is usually irreversible. Anger may stem from different reasons which may be seen as justifiable, as in the case of being abused and the offended party gives vent to rage over the transgression; or uncalled-for, like…

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