Compare And Contrast Wind And Storm On An Island Essay

Compare and Contrast
The poems Wind by Ted Hughes and Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney have several differences and some similarities. The poems differ in various ways, they leave readers with distinct emotions, have different perspectives or narrators. Both poems have a metaphor that clarifies the meaning. For example in the poem Wind, Hughes uses words that clearly invoke vulnerability and interprets the weaker side of humans. By using words like ‘trembling’, ‘shatter’ ‘quiver’ the author leaves his readers with a strong feel of exposure.

While on Storm on the Island the author uses such words as ‘bombarded’ ‘savage’ and ‘exploding’ to perceive the stronger side of the human race.

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Compare And Contrast Wind And Storm On An Island
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Another distinct point is the characterization and setting. Wind includes only two characters and you can tell by the lonesome the author conveys the characters are far from civilizations. Although, in Storm on the Island Heaney describes civilization on the first line of his piece. These poems continue to differ in many other different ways as the list goes on but they also resemble in some aspects.

Wind and Storm on the Island have both the same metaphor.

The authors make the character strive for life in different circumstances that later come together as a struggle of life. The obstacles they face (such as severe weather,) can stand for obstacles faced in life and the importance of overcoming them this can be taken as the theme of the poems. By the previous points it can be inferred that both poems have differences but similarities are also found. Using these poems we can tell that even though a poem might have different setting and character development mayor connections like the pieces theme can be made if analyzed properly.

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