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Students in Shock Summary


Words: 425 (2 pages)

The essay of John Kellmayers’ “Students in Shock” gives us examples of college students who are overwhelmed by the college experience. Kellmayer shows three very specific issues that cause many of us, who attend college, to go into the “Shock” noted in the essay. Those are financial issues, family support issues, and the choosing of…

Personal Qualities of Mature Student


Words: 769 (4 pages)

Higher education is an important stepping stone for millions of people around the world. It not only helps people grow as individuals and learn more about the world at large and the people around them, but college also helps people learn trades and develop skills needed in the career world. When obtaining a higher education,…

A Vision of Students Today Short Summary


Words: 546 (3 pages)

The overall point of the video is to emphasize most of the important facts and characteristics of students today. Nowadays college seems to be very difficult and tedious for the majority of the students, especially if some teachers are still stuck on the 19th century. We have to deal with enormous; nonpersonalized classes, very expensive…

Problems and Issues for Students living in Hostels


Words: 1043 (5 pages)

THE PROBLEM FACED BY THE STUDENTS WHILE LIVING IN THE HOSTELS. This study aims at exploring the adjustment problems and stages through which a non-local student, from a different cultural background, has to pass in his/her attempt to get well-adjusted at a foreign place. During the process of adjustment in a foreign culture, newcomers may…

Kindergarten Student Case Study



Words: 2147 (9 pages)

Reading comprehension among young students appear to be the subject that particularly receives the least attention from students. Not all students are accustomed to reading on their own rather than they are actually more interested in listening to others read to them. It has been noted through the historical accounts of teaching that children are…

Segregation Among Students or Honor Students


Words: 1100 (5 pages)

In today’s educational society there always seems to be segregationamong students. Furthermore, these different groups always seem to havetheir own special titles. There are the “jocks,” the “preps,” the ever-classic “white-trash” and many more. But there is a certain breed ofstudent that always seems to be either loved or hated. Society likes tocall these people…

Matrix: Education and Students


Words: 3477 (14 pages)

Philosophy Matrix Use the Knight textbook to complete this matrix. See the syllabus for detailed instructions. The following list is to help you consider what should be written in each column. Metaphysics = What is reality/truth? What is purpose and meaning in life? Epistemology = Is it possible to know reality/truth? If so, how? Axiology…

Student Attendance Monitoring System


Words: 944 (4 pages)

Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAM) is a system which can log and record each student’s attendance, linking to a student records system and to the timeTABLE so it can record whether students attend a specific class. This allows appropriate follow-up where there is unauthorized absence. Data on attendance can be made availTABLE to academic and…

Hope Foundation: Lottery for Good Students


Words: 612 (3 pages)

In Georgia, there is a program going on that helps out the student immensely. The Georgia State Lottery is used as a device to send hard-working students to college for free. Since the start of the lottery, over 488,00 kids have gone to college on the HOPE scholarship due to the lottery (Message from the…

Student class attendance monitoring using android devices


Words: 968 (4 pages)

Android-based Class Attendance Monitoring In our generation today, life is greatly improved by advance technologies such as software, hardware and inventions that are created to ease our daily lives. One of the new trends in technology today is Android OS which can be found on smartphones and tablet computers. The aim of this study is…

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