Strategy Paper on Student’s Placement Committee

Strategy paper for Student Placement committee in IBS-Bangalore Student Placement cell is the core committee which will help in assisting the placement cell in bringing the companies into the college campus. Though it’s a first time we are forming this committee but here we don’t have to be like a beginner as it’s the high time that we should start this. Now how to start it with a bang provided we don’t have a past experience to be shared? The answer to this question is not very simple!!!! or this we have to do a day and night research on how the different college’s SPC works, how they pitch their college and how they have subsequently made their college brand name in the industry. Or…. The alternate answer can be that we have to formulate a plan wherein the strategies have to be laid down such that we should justify ourselves and our college in front of the companies. Let us not forget our only target i. e. “get the companies in the campus” and that can be done with only one thing i. e. “networking”. Once we will develop a strong database it will be easier for us to target the companies according to our needs.

Now the question arises as how to create a database for the companies? As this job is of paramount importance for our ultimate goal we have to form a group which will either contact the companies HR through their personal contacts else should visit the companies to meet them and tell them about the college proposal of placement. Remember that this is not an easy task as it looks…….. It needs a lot of homework and lot of brainstorming. The SPC should always be ready with several presentations for different set of companies For Ex: Marketing profiles, Finance, Operations and HR.

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Collection of the database of various companies to which we will do the cold calls as well as to the placement agencies will be a tough job!!!! For this we will require the help of Just Dial services, lots googling, help of the aluminates and directly visiting the companies etc… Hence this will be one of the jobs of SPC; the next thing which SPC should focus on is to ensure the basic standards in each an every IBSBians, by standards I mean the basic quality which an industry requires in each and every candidate.

For eg If some company comes for the Campus Placements of 20 students then rather than going with the less numbers the company should feel that they should take more than that number. Or simpler way to say this is that the students should be well prepared for the interviews and GD’s so that they can be bombastic at the time of the actual ones and most importantly they should possess good subject knowledge.

I would like to add one situation wherein a deserving guy can be seen with different perspective, like any interview is going on and the first 7 – 8 candidates are poor or below average and then if you are the 9th one you will be considered in that league only. We at IBS B should think in creating an asset rather training of minds. In order to stand out in the present competitive world, managerial leadership requires both excellent functional skills and exceptional outlook. In today’s vibrant marketplace businesses seek talents who have both analytical and interpersonal skills.

But everything looks good on papers and when it comes to implementing these it’s attached with a lot of challenges and endeavors. Hence this is what we supposed to recommend so that the students including us can achieve the expected standards of the corporate. The recommendations are as follows: •Explain students the importance of SS and ABD, not by giving a lecture but by putting some eye opener questions……….. Regarding their domain knowledge, their general aptitude, throw some abrupt topic for GD and give them the reality as to what they have done at the time of the actual one….. Work shops every week from some or the other professional from the industry oCommon work shops oSpecific vertical workshops This will help the students to set write expectations and also to try to fit in the write Job. Also they will remain abreast with the current scenario which will help them in their interviews. •Students involvement in various activity groups or committees which I would like to propose to the college authorities that these clubs should be authorized and should have a governing body for each such as : oFinance club : Marketing club oHR club oOperations club oCultural and Theater club oStudent Placement club oDiscipline club oSports club oCSR Club and CMC club oCommon club for all the batch holders. This will help the students to make them engaged every time they are on the campus, instead of wasting their valuable time in canteen and Hostels. These clubs should start after the 1st semester is over for the juniors as till that time seniors are their to handle that and juniors till then can have the feel of Manthan and other events of IBSb.

These clubs should have at least 2 faculties as a governing body and at least 6 students’ members elected by the faculty and seniors, amongst them they can decide there representative. Do’s for them: meeting on regular intervals with some current discussion topic, organizing workshops which will be helpful for them in their domain knowledge as discussed before, seeking ways to apply the theoretical concepts in their day to day working and be ready for the internship program so that they can use the same there. Main stress should be given on Manthan as that is the point when students take a turn to choose their respective fields. •Students should not be excessively pressurized for their studies as they are not Kids to whom we say that “study otherwise you will fail” I think that at least on these grounds they are mature enough. •Once in their 2 semester they should have a mind relaxing course from Art of Living. Hence by opting these strategies for student upliftment we can definitely improve our quality of students produced for the corporate and simultaneously will lead to nourishing our IBS brand image.

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