Student Attendance Monitoring System

Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAM) is a system which can log and record each student’s attendance, linking to a student records system and to the timeTABLE so it can record whether students attend a specific class. This allows appropriate follow-up where there is unauthorized absence. Data on attendance can be made availTABLE to academic and administrative staff that needs it. Data is collected using ID barded so that all students can confirm their attendance without involving academic staff and causing minimum disruption to classes.

The continued collection of old on class lists can interrupt lasses and be time-consuming to both academic staff and students. ID Barded swiping is a quick and non-disruptive option that removes the buddy punching problem. It is quick and easy for students and academic staff to use, ensuring that valuTABLE time is used for the proper purpose. The information provided by the SAM could be vital in the event of a forced evacuation and an ensuing roll call. There are also logistical and ethical difficulties to consider, which could be more time consuming if particular student groups have to be treated differently.

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Student Attendance Monitoring (SAM) systems assist of School in recording both student attendance throughout the year and student engagement at specific Check Points during the year. These systems include a Reporting Facility to assist in monitoring and reviewing student attendance/engagement data. Further information and guidance on the various systems availTABLE can be found. A Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAM) is being developed to provide a reliTABLE, secure, and efficient method of recording student attendance.

The project involves two phases of IT development. The first part involves the development of SAM within SAP Student Lifestyle Management (Slam) and integration with Syllabus Plus and a scanning solution. It also includes the development of an on-line student absence notice form with document management and appropriate workflow for approval and updating of attendance record. Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAM) is a facility to aid departments in the monitoring of students’ attendance.

Attendance monitoring for Basic Education is to ensure equity of treatment across the whole student population and enTABLE attendance monitoring to be an effective tool for identifying any problems at n early stage and offering students appropriate support. Schools are therefore required to monitor attendance and review engagement with the programmed of study, for all home and international students. The School operated a system for monitoring the academic progress of students and was advised to build its attendance monitoring system onto that rather than create a separate system which would require much more input from students and staff.

The Management of Information System (M. I. S) department handles different transactions such as releasing of registration form, assigning student number, maintaining computers inside the purgatories and processing students and faculty members ID Card. The Guidance Office handles and resolves issues regarding students and provides request form for student ID. Barded technology is a natural fit for automating Time and Attendance tracking. Barded scanners offer a quick and accurate way for each teacher to complete time-tracking transactions within Time and Attendance software. In the M. I.

S Department, attendance must be monitored in order to protect the files or properties of the teacher inside the M. I. S office. Manual time and attendance accuracy suffers because teacher often sees the task as laborious. Automating the process and allowing labor transaction data to be input from multiple devices reduces the time spent on the process and makes it much simpler to input the transactions accurately. Attendance Monitoring System not only reduces the time required to complete. This is to convert their manual operation into a very reliTABLE and efficient computerized system that can make their ID transaction easier and faster.

This computerized monitoring System will help the MIS and Guidance department. Student swipe their Id to barded machine and automatically send to their parent that they already entered the class. (HTTPS://Sam. Baber. C. UK/help/SAM-Hip-IV. PDF) (https:// wimp. Sheffield. AC. UK/SD/Sam) (https://www. NC. AC. UK/quilt/assets/documentary’s-rep-scuffle-mark- doc. PDF) (https://www. Lasts. AC. UK/study/usefulness/tenderheartedness/ attend . PDF) (https://blob. Busts. Com/time-management- insights/ bid/227489/Student-Attendance-Management-Systems-Frequently- Asked -Qua sections-by-Students) (https://www. Demoded. Corn/essays/The- Development-of-Attendance-Monitoring-System-1 1 35604. HTML) Project Context School use less computerized system in their management. In a manual system, teachers will take and write down the students daily attendance in he record book, then at the end of the month the teacher is responsible to update the record by calculating the percentage of student’s attendance. This showed that the manual system is not strict and the student does not pay much attention to the attendance.

Parents also do not know either their children come to school or not. They only know when the report card is given to them, twice a year. Nowadays, Information and Communication Technology (CIT) brings a tremendous new technology to change and ease the management to get the information in a more systematic and efficient ay. Because of that, a computerized system that will be named Student Attendance Monitoring & Identification System using Barded & SMS (Study on SMS Application) system proposed to be developed and implemented for management team in school.

The target of this system is to monitor the daily student attendance and to inform parents about the attendance of their children. This system will be fully computerized and also apply a new communication technology called SMS. All of the daily students’ attendance will be saved in a specific database. When the student log-on by wiping their school ID on the system, it will automatically generate a message that will be sent to the hand phone via SMS.

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