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Apes and Language:Garvey, Washington & Dubois


Words: 823 (4 pages)

Garvey, Washington and Dubois Marcus Garvey, 1887-1940, b. St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica, W.E.B. Dubois, 1868–1963, b. Great Barrington, Massachusetts and Booker T. Washington b. 1856–1915, b. Franklin Co., Virginia were foremost in championing the Black agenda.  Their advocacies for the advancement of Black culture and economics are the foundation of what advocacies are in our…

Denzel Washington in “The Book of Eli” Sample



Words: 1006 (5 pages)

Denzel Washington may hold over a million Oscars and over a 100 prima functions. but even his illustriousness could non salvage the sad production that is “The Book of Eli. ” “The Book of Eli” is the action/adventure of a adult male named Eli who is in the ownership of the last Bible on Earth…

“The Rise of the Washington Establishment” by Morris P. Fiorna


Words: 416 (2 pages)

In the essay “The Rise of the Washington Establishment”, Fiorna argues that ultimately politicians – Congressmen act for their own self interest and that members of Congress have one purpose – ‘the primary goal is… reelection. ” Fiorna is arguing that government is centralized as the primary goal of Congress to stay in power for…



Words: 4288 (18 pages)

METROPOLITANAREAS OF PITTSBURGH AND WASHINGTON, D.C. Introduction toWashington, D.C. Washington, D.C., city and district, capital of the UnitedStates of America. The city of Washington has the same boundaries as theDistrict of Columbia (D.C.), a federal territory established in 1790 as thesite of the new nation’s permanent capital. Named after the first U.S. president, George Washington,…

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


Words: 1415 (6 pages)

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington “Screen on the Green” is an annual tradition where locals from the area go to the National Mall in between the National Monument and the Capital. The film is played on an enormous screen that faces the capital. I attended this event during the feature film “Mr. Smith Goes to…

Ideas That Go To Washington


Words: 645 (3 pages)

Peoples ideals have a certain innocence about them, just as people themselves do. The ideals held by the respective characters in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Passing, all vary in degrees of innocence. The ideals of most men are innocent at the core, but have become jaded and hidden behind the cynicism and realization…

Latinos/Hispanics in Washington State


Words: 3148 (13 pages)

I.       Introduction According to the “2006 Washington State Latino/Hispanic Assessment,” at the State and National level, Hispanics/Latinos are the largest minority. They faced multifaceted challenges in areas of education, health care, justice equity, housing and environmental health. In order to respond to their changing needs, the importance of addressing these issues that directly affects Hispanics/Latinos community…

Moscow vs Washington


Words: 3160 (13 pages)

THE MAYOR OF MOSCOW AND THE MAYOR OF WASHINGTON, D.C. Moscow is a city like no other. This ancient city of has seen the rise and fall of empires. It has been the home of rulers and despots, a token of war and an envisioned destiny for many. Yet never has it seen the likes…

John Allen Hendrix in Washington


Words: 3409 (14 pages)

On November 27, 1942, Jimi Hendrix was born as John Allen Hendrix in Washington at Seattle General Hospital. His childhood was not a privileged one, however, he did indulge himself in one particular way: Jimi loved to play the guitar. At first he played an old acoustic, and later a cheap Silvertone electric, which were…

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