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Denzel Washington in “The Book of Eli” Sample

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Denzel Washington may hold over a million Oscars and over a 100 prima functions. but even his illustriousness could non salvage the sad production that is “The Book of Eli. ” “The Book of Eli” is the action/adventure of a adult male named Eli who is in the ownership of the last Bible on Earth after the apocalypse. A voice tells Eli that he must transport the Bible to the West. but along his way he runs into a warlord who is in the Hunt for a Bible so he can utilize it’s power to govern over people.

The secret plan seems reasonably simple. but the narrative dumps the audience into a pool of confusion on how Earth got to the manner it is in the film. “The Book of Eli” would hold been a better film if there was more background information on the secret plan. if the film really matched the genre that it is classified for. and if there was non a struggle with being blasphemous.

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Denzel Washington in “The Book of Eli” Sample
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In the opening scene of the film. Eli is concealing in a wooded country runing quarry to eat for dinner. First of all. this is the lone scene that shows any type of forest country when purportedly the apocalypse was suppose to pass over out all of civilisation. The scene is 30 old ages after the apocalypse. and Eli has been walking West because a voice told him to. Who is this voice you may inquire? The voice is presumed to be the voice of God. and that would do sense since Eli is in ownership of the last Bible on Earth. One could besides inquire how is it possible that one Bible is staying on Earth when the Bible is the most read book in the universe. There is besides guess to the clip period that this film takes topographic point because in one of the gap scenes Eli is listening to an Al Green vocal from the 60’s. but his earphones are Beats by Dre‘ . which are really expensive. There are many random minutes throughout the film that do non do sense logically. but if there was a briefing on what precisely happened before the film started so the secret plan would do more sense ; which in bend would do the film more gratifying.

The genre of “The Book of Eli” is considered to be an action/adventure film. While there are a few battle scenes. all of them are shown in amusing manner like the “Watchmen” or “The Spirit” so the position is from a distance and it does non demo the inside informations that would do the battle more intense. Throughout the whole film there were merely two legitimate combat scenes. and they were each lone about five seconds long. Such heroic battle scenes right? “The Book of Eli” is an escapade because Eli is on a journey to a specific topographic point. and on the manner he is faced with the quandary that is the evil warlord. Carnegie. To put “The Book of Eli” within merely two genres would be incorrect because there is besides drama and enigma. Drama occurs in the film when Eli is shot and has the Bible taken from him. so at that point the audience is inquiring if Eli will complete his journey or has the bad cat one. The inquiry of whether Eli is blind or non is a enigma within itself throughout the whole film because the audience wants to believe that Eli is unsighted. but who is to state that merely blind people can read in brail. The fact that the film is declared as an action movie most likely brought on action movie fans. but if a serious action fan was non a fan of Denzel Washington so the film would be a entire Lashkar-e-Taiba down.

Integrating a religious facet to an action film has non been done excessively many times in Hollywood. and hopefully manufacturers paid attending to this movie so they will cognize non to do the same error that the Hughes brothers made. Whenever there is any type of faith incorporated into a film there is ever traveling to be some type of contention because faith is one of those subjects where everyone is traveling to hold their ain sentiments. The controversial portion is that Eli has been reading the Bible every dark for 30 old ages. and he ruthlessly kills people. There is a difference between self-defence and being a liquidator. but when Eli is surrounded in a conflict he kills every individual brigand ; even if they are on the land in hurting with their manus chopped off.

One would believe that person with a Bible would be more of a holy individual and allow people live. but harmonizing to “The Book of Eli” it is all right to transport around a Bible and quote Bible while killing people merely because they threaten you. The Hughes brothers tried to avoid religious struggle by non specifically stating that the book that Eli is transporting is a Bible and that the voice that talks to Eli is God. but even a unsighted adult male can see through that strategy. The Hughes brothers would hold came out better by doing the book a dictionary or an encyclopaedia. and alternatively of holding an “imaginary voice” they should hold incorporated a enchantress that tells Eli his hereafter.

While “The Book of Eli” may be a hard film to appreciation and has one of the greatest histrions the film would hold came across more clear to it’s audience if the there was more background cognition on the secret plan. a broader scope in the genre. and no spiritual facet whatsoever. Denzel Washington can do any film obtain positions merely by holding his name in the prevue. but if it was some histrion that no 1 had heard of earlier so the film would hold done awful in theatres. Some films can non be saved by a leading histrion. and “The Book of Eli” is a premier illustration.

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