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Essays on Year of Wonders

Year of Wonders – Jon Milston the Sexton

The world works in mysterious ways. This class has determines that people must be able to adapt to environmental changes if they are to survive. The inability to adapt has proven to be the collapse of a particular society time and time again. This essay traces the rise of Cahokia and Chaco Canyon and the …

‘Heroism is a feature of ‘Year of Wonders’

What is it to be a hero / heroine? Is it just a matter of goodness? Is it possible for someone whose character is flawed – or suddenly revealed to be flawed – to still retain this status? Geraldine Brooks’ novel, ‘Year of Wonders’ leaves us with such questions and reminds us that these are …

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Year of Wonders

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Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks

Mompellion is a man who follows his God unselfishly and courageously’ Discuss Geraldine Brooks portrays Mompellion as a complicated and imperfect man who unfavorably leads Eyam through his concept of God’s ways. The “casket of gold” which God had sent to Eyam was used to “refine” the population was Mompellion’s view of the plague as …

Year of Wonders Elinor Is the Real Hero Topics

Intro 1. When the plague comes to the town of Eyam in the book; Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks, we see many interesting reactions from the residents. The most interesting and maybe contrasting to the times is the reactions of Anna Frith, but is she really the hero of the hour? When one looks …

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