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Year of Wonders Elinor Is the Real Hero Topics

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Intro 1. When the plague comes to the town of Eyam in the book; Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks, we see many interesting reactions from the residents. The most interesting and maybe contrasting to the times is the reactions of Anna Frith, but is she really the hero of the hour? When one looks at the work of Elinor Mompellion, could it be that she was the one who stepped up to save the day with her calm demeanour and intelligence? 80 Intro 2.

Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks give us a detailed narrative into the horrors of the plague.

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Year of Wonders Elinor Is the Real Hero Topics
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Throughout the story we see many heroic and brave actions, most notable those of Anna Frith, though it could be said that she was not the hero of the hour. Elinor Mompellion, the wife of the Rector, who stoically refused to leave at her husband’s bidding, was instrumental in the village as one of the people who did all they could to help Eyam’s residents in the times of plague.

It seems that in fact she was more important than Anna. 98 Intro 3: A hero is a distinguished act of courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities.

Although Anna and Elinor exhibit heroic actions, Elinor is the real hero of the hour because she influences Anna into the becoming the strong independent women. Elinor and Anna worked to fight the plague in many different ways but Elinor’s leadership is guiding Anna and the village to try and fight against the village. This leadership is one of a hero, especially in the times when men were the dominant sex and therefore being the leaders. 94 Intro 4: Many of the self-sacrificing actions by the people of Eyam seem heroic.

However, very few of the villagers manage to overcome the weaknesses and fears that grip them and, in the case of most, destroys them, both in terms of their faith and their relationships. Anna emerges from the quarantining with her mind and spirit intact, while Michael appears to have been destroyed by his burdens. It is Elinor’s death that serves reveals her vital role in Anna’s growth, and Michael’s collapse. 82 Michael owes much of the capacity to act with strength and convction to his wife’s presence too.

Para 3 – Elinor – need to show her background of privation and suffering, and how SHE overcomes this, and gives so much, to the village, and especially to Anna and Michael. Conclusion: it’s THIS that makes Elinor a REAL hero. To suffer, and to overcome; to lose and to keep on giving. Yes, Anna does this too – almost! (A lost her faith) – but Anna ONLY knows to do this much because of E, and Michael loses it all. The plan – even as it’s written out here – is the “skeleton” – the “meat” on these bones is the specific examples you describe that PROVE the assertions we have made.

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