MIS in FOOD industry

McDonald’s restaurants are found in 119 countries and territories around the world and serve nearly 47 million customers each day. McDonald’s operates over 31 ,OHO restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1. 5 million people. The company also operates other restaurant brands, such as Piles Cafe©, and has a minority stake in Prêt a Manger. The information system of the Mac is good and There are several types of information systems used in McDonald’s as: Transaction Processing System (TIPS), System Decision Support (IDS), Management Information Systems (MIS), Made for You “system, POS system “Scale of

Points System, Hyperactive Bob system. These systems allows the restaurant to adjust to the accustomedness. The system orders a lot of the product when customers buy much of the item, and doesn’t]order the product when none wants to buy it. The system offer employees and employers an efficient way Of organizing the restaurant. That means that by using the system they get availTABLE time, which they can spend on other things they need to do. Information System add value for those that are implementing it.

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In Infrastructure Human resources Technology Ordering Operations Service and Marketing page 3 REPORT ON MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM Of McDonald’sњ Systems Management Information (MIS), sometimes called information management and systems, are discipline on the application of people, technologies and procedures – collectively called information systems – to solve problems business. Management Information Systems are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities of the organization.

Academic, the term is commonly used to describe the methods group information management related to automation or support of human session making, egg Decision Support Systems, expert systems, information systems and administration. The terms MIS and information system are often confused. Information systems include systems that are not intended for decision making. MIS is sometimes called, in a restrictive sense, as the management of information technology. This area of study should not be confused with the computer. IT service management is a discipline-oriented practitioner.

MIS has also some differences with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ERP incorporates elements that are not necessarily focused on decision purport. There are several types of information systems used in McDonald’s as: First transaction happens when two people make an exchange, and collection of data on this subject called transaction processing, transaction processing is the collection, storage, modification and retrieval operations of an organization. Transaction system is important to answer routine questions and assists in the conduct of business such as payroll, employee record keeping or paying an employee.

It is important to store transaction data recording and protected because transaction typically involves an exchange f money is essential for any organization. How Transaction Processing System is implemented in McDonald’s? Daily McDonald’s sells a huge amount of hamburgers, so McDonald’s should order the raw materials from its supplier, McDonald’s each time placing an order with its supplier, a transaction is happening, and the transaction processing system records relevant information such as vendor name, address, quality of page 4 Report on McDonald’s” items purchased and then the invoice amount. Yester decision support is used to model data and make quality decisions eased on the data, make the right decision is usually based on data quality and its ability to analyze data, systems support decision are generally computer applications with a human component. They can sift through large amounts of data and to choose between the many choices and supports the decision of non – routine. How the decision support system implemented in McDonald’s?

At first Mac started as a small restaurant selling food to customers, the company expanded slowly, then McDonald’s and analyze the market to come with the option, as we know we are in the era of technology, McDonald’s so Hough to provide wireless services, so the company to gather information on customer usage of wireless services, length of stay and level of sales, the decision support system to analyze incoming data with the decision to provide wireless services in their restaurant. Management information system is a system that provides the information necessary to effectively manage organizations. Management information systems involve three main resources: technology, information, and people, and most important resource is people, the information we receive supports the decision routine in the functional areas How management information system is implemented in McDonald’s? McDonald’s in that they implement MIS system that is used to produce periodic reports as a daily list of employees and hours of work, or a monthly report of expenditures against budget.

McDonald’s MIS used because the purpose of MIS is to provide profitability and information to help managers and employees understand the company’s performance and plan its future direction. Made for You “system In this system McDonald’s use modern technology to facilitate the McDonald’s In this system, when a customer places an order, the sandwich element appears immediately in the computer screen in the kitchen and a bell to alert kitchen staff .

McDonald’s is a restaurant very busy because many customers will be the first priority for McDonald’s is offering the best restaurant experience for customers, so that McDonald’s used the POS system “point system-wide” to ensure order quickly and accurately, because this system is used to accelerate business processes, it can take massive amounts of data in seconds. , With these systems, each command is immediately transmitted to multiple workstations throughout installation, the cashier knows instantly what the moment is due. The kitchen knows that orders arrive and how long a customer was waiting.

Page 5 Report on McDonald’s’) McDonald’s implement this System to let their employees when they are about to be occupied, the system uses computers and cameras on the roof to monitor traffic entering the parking lot of a restaurant and drive-thrust. ERP is a family of software modules that support the activities of companies involved in these processes vital back-office. For example, ERP software for a manufacturing company will generally track the status of sales, inventory, hipping and billing, and estimates of raw materials and human resources needs.

Enterprise Applications / Packages / Suites / Systems connects all the information that passes through a partnership with a single integrated set of systems. This is implemented in modules that can be integrated. ERP can work with a variety of databases, hardware and operating systems. The origin. ERP packages were intended for manufacturing. Their goal is to integrate information in society and eliminate the complex links been computer systems. A key aspect to ERP is that it provides an integrated solution for all business acquirement.

He takes care of the organizational hierarchy of authorities ERP solutions are fundamentally based on Unix and Windows NT. Page 6 ERP benefits ERP offers many benefits to the organization for implementation. It allows a manager to make decisions at the right time. This is possible when any organization is the sharing of information and perspectives in the same interpreter. The benefits of ERP can be classified into two categories: Tangible benefits (those that can be measured in one form or another) Intangible benefits (difficult to measure in absolute terms) Delay Reduction

The time between placing an order and receiving is known as the delay. To reduce delays, the organization must have a system of effective inventory management. This inventory system is integrated with purchasing, production planning and production department. ERP systems help automate this task and thus make inventory management more efficient and effective. Business has doubled Increased turnover of over 30% The cycle time reduced to 80%: The cycle time is the time between receipt of the order and product delivery. The important point is that all these activities must be consistent so that the alee chain to operate effectively.

Support activities not related to one of the main activities, but is supposed to serve them, The first stage of analysis resources intern is how the various activities of the enterprise is the foundation of its competitive strategy. Us port activities Activities Inbound egoistic Operations Outbound Logistics and sales Margin Primary Firm infrastructure Human recourse management Technology development Procurement Service Page 7 Us port activities L] Firm infrastructure: This includes planning systems, finance, etc.

Quality assurance also the structure and routines to maintain the culture of the organization are included here. N Management of appeal rights: Includes, among other things recruiting, training and development of reward systems. CLC Technological development: is obviously important when it comes to the actual product, but it is also important in the process of manufacturing the finished product and the resources that is central to this work. CLC Procurement: Includes all activities that meet all the necessary raw material to be availTABLE for business activities.

Major activities L] Inbound logistics: This includes receiving goods, storage, transmission and distribution. Control of the commodity is a central element in this case C] Operations: includes all activities which make the product or service. From basic to finished product. This also includes the manufacturing process, testing and rap, etc. I) Outbound Logistics: storage and distribution are the finished product D Marketing and sales: This includes commercial and sales. The client receives the opinion of the product for ad campaigns and marketing.

The product is then availTABLE to the client. Sales Administration manages this kind of work. 0 The service includes all activities, which gets the value of the product or service. Analysis of the value chain: McDonald’s Technology: page 8 C] Some restaurants will offer 561 Driving Wife hotshots BIT Opened to attract business travelers D In the U. S. , testing wireless 400 restaurants in four cities attracted new, mainly older users, 60 p. Percent of them said they would not have visited if it were not for wireless access.

C] touch screen TV will be tested in 10 restaurants in the first quarter of this year њ Internet terminals ND Plantation are likely to be implemented this year D Mobile devices are already used to taking orders and reduce wait times in 500 McDonald’s restaurants Human resources: Nearly 60% of all managers in stores Macdonald started Out as hourly associates. This indicates that MacDonald gives employees the opportunity for career advancement. Employees are encouraged to communicate openly, offer new ideas, take risks, strive for excellence and fun.

Macdonald has been ranked as one of America’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in recent surveys. Employees receive competitive wages and comprehensive benefits. These benefits include both full time and part-time people. When hiring new employees the company began a comprehensive program of recruitment in the community where the store is to identify candidates. Recruitment programs are well known and practical, offering an opportunity for job seekers and society begin to become familiar.

When new employees begin to Macdonald, they are presented with two basic rules Of Macdonald. They are: Rule 1: The customer is always right Rule 2: If the client happens to be wrong see section 1. Command: The national headquarters apply to goods stores all Macdonald. Macdonald is working with suppliers to find ways to cut costs and still make a reasonTABLE profit. As a result of this teamwork, less packaging and distribution systems are streamlined to reduce the total cost of the product.

Marketing: The majority of sales in retail merchandising for a national advertising account. The company sells its own brands. Macdonald has committed to buy products from local and regional suppliers, instead of buying cheaper elsewhere. Macdonald Innovation Network promotes new products and ideas. It offers inventors and entrepreneurs inexperienced professional advice to determine he commercial potential of products that are still under development, or have a sales history of less than six months.

The process also helps identify risks to bring the product to the market Service: All stores Macdonald maintain uniform prices, unless the lower prices are needed to meet local competition. Sales are primarily on a self-service cash- and-carry basis with the goal of maximizing sales page 9 volume and inventory turnover while minimizing expenses. Bank credit card programs, operates without recourse to the Company, is availTABLE in all stores. The refueling system also helps the store to accommodate customer requests.

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