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Nature versus Nurture is a debate about whether behavior and development are influenced more by genetics or environmental factors. Nature refers to behaviors that are determined by genetics, while nurture refers to behaviors that are influenced by environmental factors such as family, friends, and experiences. While both factors play a role in shaping an individual’s personality, the author believes that nurture is more significant. This is based on the idea that identical twins can have different personalities despite having the same genetic makeup, and that environmental factors had a greater impact on the author’s development than their genetic makeup. However, the author acknowledges that genetic makeup can have an impact in certain situations, such as height and athletic ability. Ultimately, the debate between nature and nurture is a competition between genetics and environmental factors in shaping an individual’s behavior.

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Nature versus Nurture is the debate about the influence of environment and genetics on behavior and development. In this debate, nature refers to behaviors that are determined by genetics, which means that behaviors are based on an individual’s genetic makeup and influence their growth and development throughout life.

On the one hand, nature refers to the genetic makeup of an individual, while nurture refers to the environmental factors that influence behavior. These environmental factors include the influence of parents, siblings, family, friends, and various experiences that an individual is exposed to. During my childhood, I was not unaffected by these environmental influences, nor did I develop without being influenced by my inherited genetic traits. In my opinion, both nature and nurture play important roles in a child’s upbringing, but I believe that nurture has a greater impact.

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The development of a person is influenced more by environmental factors and influences rather than physical aspects. This perspective is easily understood when reading stories about identical twins. Psychologists from various fields have analyzed the study of identical twins and have found that individuals with the same genetic make-up can exhibit completely different personalities.

Nurture plays a crucial role in the development of twins, encouraging them to become distinct individuals rather than clones of each other. In my opinion, this ongoing debate leans more towards the significance of nurture. During my childhood, my genetic traits were overshadowed by the influence of my parents and sibling.

Regardless of how much I believed that my physical attributes influenced my behavior, they did not have a greater impact on me than the things I witnessed and was exposed to. The variety of experiences and observations shaped the person I am now. Even if my genetic composition were completely different, I am confident that my current behavior would remain largely unchanged.

There are exceptions to the general rule. For example, if I were to have a height of six foot five and weigh one hundred and ninety pounds, it is highly probable that I would be a part of the NBA and enjoy great wealth. In such a scenario, I believe that my current worries would not hold the same significance. Moreover, even prior to joining the NBA, I would attract considerable attention and experience a much higher level of confidence.

So if my genetic make-up were different, I would change to a certain extent. Genetic make-up competes with environmental factors. Our genetic make-up is fixed and the environment challenges us. The challenges we face and what they reveal about us affect our behavior.

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