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MI Nature is the genetic and biological influences on an individual and their development; it is based on genes and what is inherited from them. Nurture is the social, economic and environmental influences on an individual and their development; it based on personality and how behavior is learnt. Determinism is the belief that you future is fixed and influenced purely naturally by what is genetically inherited or that your future is unpredictable and can change over time depending on choices made from what you learn from your social environment or from life experiences.

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Choice and interaction is the belief that people can take control over their lives though the choices they make; it is based on ‘free will’. The maturation theory says that development may be guided by genes but these genes cannot operate without an environment, it is the belief that development is influenced by the combination of nature and nurture.

Michael Jackson’s life was influenced by nature and nurture. It can be argued that M’s voice and the ability to move is natural.

This influences his singing and dancing because if he was dumb, deaf or paralyses then there would be no possibility for his singing or dancing. To sing you have to have a voice and he ability to hear music to learn it or no amount of training can help you, to dance you need to have the ability to move. However his ability to use it to sing and dance could also be down to nurture as it can be taught. You can have a voice and the ability to move and dance and still not know how to use it to sing and dance, this would need to be taught.

Nature had influenced his talent, his ability to sing and dance was his natural talent that acquired at birth, but to improve it he had to learn music, vocal chords and rhythm, this then helped him improve his dancing skills. His personality can be down to nature as a person’s temperament comes with genes, particular hormones and brain parts that control emotion can influence your personality. Brain parts such as the amazedly control emotions such as fear and aggression, once stimulated a person can get very aggressive but it can also cause fear, if this happens often a person is likely to have an aggressive or extremely cautious personality.

However aggression and fear can also be taught and be down to nurture. If you witness aggressive behavior as a child, the chances are that you would imitate the behavior ND eventually become an aggressive person. His fathers abusive behavior towards him had a huge effect on his life, he was accused of sexually abusing a 13 year old and it is likely he felt emotionally weak, he was disemboweled by his father and possibly to gain that power back he may have abused a 13 year old.

This action is a behavior he learnt and likely to have made him commit similar crimes as his father did. Freud had said that a child’s past and traumatic memories can influence their future, if repressed, they are likely to come out in the future in a self-destructive form (strong thanks), this could have been the season for him to be drinking and taking drugs. This behavior is likely to have been down to nurture and have conditioned him to turn to alcohol and drugs to help calm him and remove pain and stress he faced in his life.

His alcohol and drug consumption could have been down to nature, these substances leave an effect on your biological nervous system. Drugs often enter into your bloodstream and make their way to your neurotransmitters, it then blocks the GAB (a depressant receptor) allowing the exhibitors receptor to release dopamine. The dopamine fills up the synapse causing it to trigger the dopamine reward pathway which makes you feel ‘high, calm and often allow you to forget any sort of pain or stress you feel in life.

Alcohol does the opposite, it takes the place of the dopamine receptor allowing GAB to take the space in the synapse, and this depresses your nervous system but makes you calm and forgetful. Soon it becomes a physical habit and you end up addicted. This is what happened to MS; once he started he enjoyed it and couldn’t stop himself. However for him to start drinking, he needed to have a reason and M’s most understandable reason was to get away from life stresses, this is the nurture part of his drinking ND drug habit. His characteristics such as his affinity to children are down to nurture and how he was bought up.

His fame and stardom forced to grow up quicker; this left him longing for his lost childhood, this could easily explain his affinity towards children as well as his own. He used masks to hide him and his children due to the lack of privacy and the way he felt about the world as a whole, this was clearly influenced by his life experiences with fans. When he was a child, all the money he earned through his stardom was handed over to his father; this may have influenced his spending sprees he often indulged in Enid closed shop doors.

This is a behavior he learnt from his life experience and had wanted to bring back what he missed; this would be down to nurture. Gaining life skills from school would expand knowledge, making intelligence down to nurture. However his ability to learn and move to develop physically would have been inherited and so down to nature. It can also be argued that intelligence is acquired at birth. In my opinion the ability to learn is nature but using it to expand knowledge through life experience triggers intelligence within you that help develop you intellectually.

The only life factor, that influences the development of an individual, which is down to nature is genetic influences as these are all factors that are inherited. Biological influences before birth is partly down to nature and nurture, the nurture side is based on what the mother consumes, this is the environment, the way it effects the baby is down to nature. The other life factors are all down to nurture as they develop you externally, environmental, socio-economic and lifestyle as these are down to choices made and something that affects you by learning it.

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