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Essay on Animal Cell

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Cells are the beginning of everything. Every living thing is composed and made from cells. Cells are the smallest unit of organization that we know of. There are two major categories of cellular organization in eukaryotic cells. Those parts which are “membrane bound”, called organelles and those which are not “membrane bound”. Every aspect of the cell is important because each part or organelle’s structure is unique to its function. Non membrane bound organelles, are those which provide the membrane itself.

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Essay on Animal Cell
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They include; the cell membrane, the cytoplasm, and the cytoskeleton. The cell membrane is made up a phospholipids bi-layer, protein, cholesterol and carbohydrates. It serves many purposes, it is the edge of the cell, it is also the site for chemical activity, and last it separates the living environment. The cytoplasm is the whole cells contents, not including the nucleus, and held in by the plasma membrane. The cytoplasm provides the site for metabolic activity and helps transport molecules and organelles.

The cytoskeleton is a supportive and metabolic structure composed of microfilaments, microtubules and intermediate filaments, which are all protein. The microtubules aid in the shape of the cell. Microfilaments are responsible for movement of cells and organelles, an example of this is flagella, a few long projections of microfilaments from the cell surface, and this helps in movement. The intermediate filaments are strands of globular proteins like the others. Membrane bound organelles are the ‘guts’ of a eukaryotic cell.

Membrane bound organelles consist of the nucleus, cytoplasm, the lysosmes, and the endoplasmic reticulum. The nucleus is a highly specialized organelle that serves as the information’s and administrative center of the center of the cell. It also has two major functions its stores hereditary material and coordinates the cells activities. The cytoplasm is a jelly like substance outside of the nucleus. This holds the cell organelles and also controls the activities of the cell. Lysosomes contain enzymes for compound breakdowns.

The endoplasmic reluctium transports proteins that are made by ribosomes which are surrounding it. It is a collection of flattened sacks that are with fluid. When the materials move thought these parts they ether are transported by active or passive. When they do this the molecule tend to move from the crowded area to the less crowded area so that they can achieve balance or to reach homeostatasis. So when there is passive transport the molecules are trying to balance molecules but they do not use energy doing so.

Then if there is active transport they are also doing that but using energy to achieve it. So with the molecules equal the cell is better balanced. So the animal cell is one of many cells in the world. It took one person to discover cells but a lifetime of wonder. There are so many cell that scientist may have not even come close to discovering everything. So the world must stand in wonder about all the unknown possibilitys within the cell of the world.

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