Paragraph: Food and Topic Sentence

The odd, the bulk of the paragraph gives the details or the supporting details backing up or proving the point of view of the topic sentence. The conclusion sums up the details point by point by restating the original point made in the topic sentence and ultimately convinces the reader Of the point made. The conclusion ends by bringing it home by concluding with a closing sentence that is memorTABLE to the reader. Http://www. Reference. Com/motif/reference/parts-of-a-paragraph 3. Give a sample paragraph, and then label the parts.

Sunday is my favorite day because I spend the day watching football with my dad. On Sunday, unlike the other days of the week when he works, my dad spends the whole day with me watching football on TV. We even eat lunch together while watching. The highlight of the day is watching the Dolphins game. Dad and get so excited, we yell and cheer together. On Sundays, get to combine watching my favorite sport and spending time with my favorite person”what a great day! Http://www. Timeserving. Com/writing-resources/paragraph-writing-secrets/ 4. At are the paragraph structures for main ideas? The outline structure of a paragraph is easy to find when the main idea is in the persistence. All you have to do is find the topic and look for the major details that match the list you are making in your mind as you read. You can see right away if you were correct about what you expected to be listed in the paragraph. But, the main idea is not always found in the first sentence. There are five places where the main idea sentence may be found in a paragraph: 1 . In the first sentence 2. In the last sentence 3.

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In the first and last sentences 4. In the middle (preceded by an introduction) 5. Implied. (The main idea is in the paragraph, but it is not directly stated. ) https://www. Praiseworthiness. Com/showcase/Krieger e/ assets/ Krieger speechified. Give a sample paragraph for each structure. Underline the topic sentence. It is generally true that most convenience foods do cost more than unsophisticated products. The extra services that make the food easy to use must be paid for. Washing, combining, removing waste, standardizing and packaging products add to the cost of the final product.

However, some costs are offset by lower transportation costs because of reduced weight and bulk and improved storage life. The invention of the typewriter provided a means by which women could gain access and entry into the heretofore exclusively male world of the business office. World War I and World War II provided additional office work opportunities for women in the labor force due to the vast number of men in the military. Also, within the military, a large area of employment was opened with the formation of the women’s chicaneries”a large part of which inconsistent office work.

Over the years there has been an increase in the number of women employed in office work. Advertising affects our lives everyday. Brand names are common household words. We start each day using the toothpaste, soap, and breakfast foods promoted by advertisers. Ads have made the cars we drive signs of our success. Our choices of food, dress, and entertainment are swayed by ads. Not one aspect of American life is untouched by advertising. No other cloth is so difficult to make yet so delicate, requires so much skill in manufacturer’s demands so much creative ability in designing as lace.

Everything about lace indicates special characteristics. It is a product Of many combined procedures. Special yarns are made with great strength but of great fineness; fabric construction involves interpolating knotting, and even surface embroidery may be used. Usually, neither white nor brown sugar is sifted before measuring. White sugar, however, if it is at all lumpy (confectioners sugar frequently is) should be sifted first, spooned into a dry measure, and leveled off with the edge of a patellar knife.

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