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Theories of deviant and criminal behavior

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They all have natural drives and urges repressed in the unconscious and they all have criminal tendencies. Freud hypothesized that the most common element that contributed to criminal behavior was a faulty identification by a child with her or his parents. Freud also said, that the improperly socialized child may develop a personality disturbance that causes her or him to direct antisocial impulses inward or outward. The child who directs them outward becomes a criminal, and the child that directs them inward becomes a neurotic.

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Theories of deviant and criminal behavior
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Even if this is a valid explanation in most cases, sometimes there are criminals with healthy childhood and good parents. These individuals become criminals because of the influence that society has on them while they are developing their identities and personalities. Another famous physiologist that made several studies about psychological theories for explaining crime was Albert Bandeau. Bandeau conducted a experiment with children called the boob doll experiment and he concluded that deviance and crime is also related to observational learning.

This suggests that learning occurs when individuals observe and imitate others behavior. Bandeau reported that individuals that live in high crime rates areas re more likely to act violently that those who live in low-crime areas. Another popular Psychological theory is the Cognitive development theory. According to this theory deviant and criminal behavior results from the way in which individuals organize their thoughts around morality and the law (Goldberg). This theory says that there are three levels Of moral reasoning.

In the first stage,presentational stage, moral reasoning is based on obedience and avoiding punishment. The second level, conventional stage, moral reasoning is based on the expectations that the child family and significant others have for him or her. The last level, the observational level, says that at this point individuals are TABLE to go beyond social conventions. The cognitive development theory concludes that people who do not progress through these criminals stages may become stuck in their moral development and as a result become deviants or criminals.

From my perspective understanding the psychological aspects of the criminals is the most important factor when we are trying to explain the reasons of crime. Because by understanding the different motives and ideologies of why criminals involve in this behaviors will give us a better opportunity to try to prevent those individuals from having those traumatic experiences or the exposure to criminal events and in this way reduce and try to prevent crime when the future criminals are being shaped.

Even if all these theories provide us with valid scientific reasons for explaining criminal actions we need to take into considerations all the different types of theories to have a complete overview of the reasons why individuals engage in deviant behavior. AgreeTABLE penultimate farrago queue antes De nun colon sees UN appointments y tenements queue analyzer lass reasons queue nose Eleven a Estes pimientos.

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