Specific Strategies of Successful Countries

The book is divided into three parts. Places the author tells where these countries started from. The people of these countries had different outlooks on the world thus different behavioral tendencies. Part I is divided into five chapters each examining a countries

Japans Two Miracles by discussing Japans. In 1853 when Commodore Perry opened Japans ports to foreigners. It was not very evolved nor very modern. Agriculture was good but not enough for the growing population. Japan wanted to learn from the West. Japan sent many students to Europe and the United States.

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These zaibatsu dominated industry and commerce. They manipulated politics to suit their own needsJapan soon began concentrating own building a War Machine. Japanese War the country went into a recessionBut after the First World War Imperial Japan began growing up. The war left Japan resouceless and heavily overpopulated. The victorious Allies gave or rather imposed democratization.  The United States provided much financial supportJapans economy then began growing very fast.

The Japanese protected themselves by implementing quotas and Companies such as Sony Honda and YKK improved production methods. Businessmen and bureaucrats worked togetherKeiretsu was a sort of lateral conglomeration of banks and companies. The author concluded that the 1980s Japans economy had surpassed those of France and Britain and rivaled the United States economy. The Japanese could now purchase many luxury consumer goods but. Their obsession with production as their prewar obsession with Lack of urban planning has led to urban congestion with subsufficient. Their economic success came at the cost of living conditions.

Taiwan the island of Formosa was once a Dutch trading center. Then it became a part of the Chinese province of Fukien in 1683. With this Chinese began immigrating. The Japanese realized the agricultural potential of the island. They built roads railways and harborsAfter the Second World War the islands economy which had been based on exporting food and raw material to Japan was now greatly.

In 1949 when the Kumintang moved to the island so came over one million refugees fleeing from the communist mainland. The first priority of the new Republic of China was its militaryin 1953 in the form of the Mutual Security Treaty. Taiwan attempted many things to help its economy. These implementations made matters worse. The Nineteen Point Program of Economic and Financial Reform enabled local businessmen to act more efficiently and purposely.

Despite many factors against it the Republic of China has been able to steadily grow economically and is likely to continue Made Miracle the author explores the history of Korea. Korea has long had a history of Chinese domination. But as China became more an more under western spheres of influence Korea began to be dominated by Russia and Japan. Japan used Korea as mercantilist colonyJapan did build roads and develop the economyAfter the war Korea was left in bad shape.

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