Annotated bibliography examples turabian Essay

In this article Mr.. Bonbon discusses a case where a young lady defended the case of abortion. In this case of abortion the defense not only had to defend the case of arguments against abortion that defenders of abortions may find particularly challenging, but to the entire range of arguments against abortion that critics of abortion have developed.

This article answered my research question of, “Does the human fetus have a right to life? ” This source is a reputed peer review Journal from Obsess host. Johnston, George F. Abortion From The Religious And Moral Perspective : An Annotated Bibliography. Westport, Con: Peerage Pub, 2003. In this article Mr.. Johnston collects different bibliographies pertaining to the religious aspect of abortion. The article helped to view the viewpoints different religions have on abortions. For example, Catholics think abortions are sometimes necessary, while Christians have a permissive attitude towards abortions.

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Annotated bibliography examples turabian
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This article answered my research question of, “who decides if abortions are right or wrong? ” This source is a reputed peer review journal from OBSESS host. Joseph, Rite. Human Rights And The Unborn Child. Elided: Martinis Nichols publishers, 2009. In this article Ms. Joseph discusses the rights to an unborn child. She explains that as a human fetus the unborn child has the right to life. She thinks that It’s unlawful to have abortions because In her opinion It’s the murder of a child. This article answered my research question of, “whether or not the child has a right to live? ” This

Acorn, Christopher Robert. The Ethics Of Abortion : Women’s Rights, Human Life, And The Question Of Justice. New York: Rutledge, 2011. In this article Mr.. Acorn generally speaks on the rights to women, Human life, and the question of Justice. This article answered the question of, “whether or not abortions are unjust? ” He argued that if the government made abortions illegal they would be taking away from the rights of women. Stating that forcing a woman to have a unwanted child would be injustice to that woman. This source is a reputed peer review Journal from Obsess host. Luke, Kristin.

Abortion And The Politics Of Motherhood. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008. In this article Ms. Luke explains how abortions can interfere with the economy. He states that, “sometimes abortions are necessary for the economy, because most women have abortions simply because they cannot afford a child. And if a woman cannot afford a child she uses government funds to do so. ” Ms. Luke answered my research question of, “why do women usually have abortions? ” This source is a reputed peer review Journal from Obsess host. Rose, Melody. Abortion : A Documentary And Reference Guide. Westport, Con:

Greenwood Press, 2008. In the article Ms. Rose refers to a documentary about abortion, the life leading to the final decision of abortion, and life after abortion. In the article Ms. Rose mentions that women who resort to abortion have a hard time deciding if they should keep the child or not. But the ones who did decide on abortion live more successful lives after the abortion than those who had decided to keep their child. This article answered my research question of, “does abortion sometimes render a better life for the mother?

Annotated bibliography examples harvard style Essay

Annotated bibliographies are essential in completing a well-structured doctoral study. Doctoral Study Introduction My doctoral study topic focuses on Internet security for businesses. Internet security Is a broad topic that Involves a multitude of theories, beliefs, recommendations, and guidelines. My article selections detailed a synopsis of the government’s responsibility and the end users obligation to internet security.

In addition, the annotated bibliographies give the reader a summarization of the article through it’s main focal points. The two articles below are for my doctoral study. In the article, “The psychology of password management: a tradeoff between security and convenience”, the author conducted a survey with 133 participants examining five password management behaviors. The study shed light on computer users’ interest level In maintaining internet security. The analysis indicated that the participants were more Intrigued with convenience than security.

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Annotated bibliography examples harvard style
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According to Salesman, Tam, ; Vanderburgh (2010), In contrast to the traditional belief that an understanding of the Importance of online security leads to better password management behavior, our studies show that only users who are willing to trade convenience for security choose strong passwords”. Therefore, users will only improve their internet activity if they envision their actions as personal risk. Secondly, the article “New approach to subjectivity, by Clinton (2012) discuss how the government address internet security.

The article implies that the federal government has not improved it’s tactics an attacking cyber security. Therefore, the average user is at risk of one of the many forms of internet warfare. Furthermore, Clinton (2012) argued, “regulations can’t keep up with rapidly changing technology and attack methods. U. S regulations only reach U. S companies, whereas the problems are International. And regulating technology Impedes innovation and investment, which we cannot afford”.

Conclusion My Limited experience with annotated bibliography has room for Improvement. However, this exercise has broadened my experience and strengthens my creative writing skills.

Annotated bibliography paper sample Essay

She argues the basic conflict of how Edna experiences the tension of sexual Initiation while struggling for self-assertion and Identity. In my research paper I will use this source to represent how The Awakening shows the theme of oppression of self-identity. I will Incorporate this source as one of my examples for analyzing the theme of oppression of self-identity. Chopin, Kate, and Nancy A. Walker. The Awakening: Complete, Authoritative Text with Biographical and Historical Contexts, Critical History, and Essays from Five Contemporary Critical Perspectives.

Boston: Bedford of SST. Martin’s, 1993. Print. Nancy Walker she describes the definition of feminist criticism. Walker defines feminist criticism that can come in many forms and have a variety of goals. She also translates the definition of deconstruction and how it can have the reputation for being the most complex and forbidding of contemporary critical approaches to literature. Lastly she outlines how deconstruction Is used In The Awakening.

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Annotated bibliography paper sample
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I will use this source to help represent the mall Idea of feminist criticism In Kate Chopping The Awakening. Cunningham, Mark. “The Autonomous Female Self and the Death of Louise Mallard in Kate Chopping ‘Story of an Hour’. ” English Language Notes 42. 1 (Septet. 2004): 48-55. RPR. In Short Story Criticism. Volvo. 110. Detroit: Gale, 2008. Literature Resource Center. Web. 3 NOVO. 2014. Mark Cunningham analyzes the criticism of the mall character Louise Mallard In “The Story of an Hour”.

Within his criticism he describes how the story portrays the attempt to break from “life-denying” Limitations wealth Mr.. Mallard’s society. I will use this resource to support the theme of oppression of self-identity in both The detailing of the theme I chose that is represented in “The Story of an Hour”. “Mary E. Peek on “The Story of an Hour”. ” Kate Chopin: A Study of the Short Fiction. Bernard Kilos. New York: Twenty Publishers, 1996. 132-134. Twine’s Studies in Short Fiction 65. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 3 Novo. 2014.

Mary Peek describes how “The Story of an Hour” analyzes a moment in a woman’s life where when the boundaries of the tolerated life she accepts suddenly shatters and within that a process of self-consciousness begins. She also summarizes certain details within the story that sums up the theme of oppression of self-identity. I will use this source as a representation of theme I chose, oppression of self-identity, to help explain how it used within “The Story of an Hour”. Streamer, Kathleen M. Adele Rotational: Kate Chopping Feminist At Home In The Awakening.

Midwest Quarterly 48. 3 (2007): 406-416. Literary Reference Center. Web. 3 NOVO. 2014. Kathleen Streamer analyzes the feminism of one of the characters, Adele Rotational, in The Awakening. She describes how the character of Adele Rotational is sometimes overshadowed by the feminism of heroine by the main character, Edna Pointillist. Lastly she presents the fact of how Kate Chopin offers readers more than Just one definition of feminist expression. I will use this source by incorporating Starter’s criticism of feminine possibility in The Awakening.

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