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Classification of common high school stereotypes Sample

High School


Words: 990 (4 pages)

The manner we present ourselves to society frequently gives them a preset premise of the type of individual we are. Even though it’s non ever safe to presume a person’s personality based on their visual aspect. people seem to make it anyways. Sometimes people are mistreated due to their visual aspect. but they intentionally present…

Classification and Marine Biodiversity


Coral reef

Words: 1316 (6 pages)

To understand this huge array of species, a simple classification system is used to produce some order out of chaos. Example: this class has persons Of all sorts Of shapes, sizes, color, eye color, finger shape & size, etc…. What criteria would you use to separate us all out? HISTORY Historically, we group things according…

“Wuthering Heights” Character Classification

Character Analysis

Words: 1537 (7 pages)

From the outset, Bronte contemplates the view that the characters within “Wuthering Heights” are beyond classification. In Bronte’s intricate prologue to the novel, Lockwood tries to decipher the relationships and personalities to no avail,’Mr. Heathcliff forms a singular contrast to his abode and style of living. ‘As a symbol of civilisation and normality in the…

Restaurant classifications


Words: 399 (2 pages)

Last, but not least when you dine at an Italian restaurant they will always vive you bread before your appetizer and you will always need silverware when dining at an Italian restaurant. When you go to a classic Chinese restaurant the buildings tend to all look similar. The roofs are all usually slanted, different colors,…

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What is Classification essay?

If you want to learn how to write a classification essay, you must first comprehend the classification essay definition!

A classification essay is a scholarly article that categorizes ideas, persons, or objects with similar characteristics into distinct groups or classes. This is a common type of paper written in secondary school and university, although it is also used in higher education. You’ll have to categorize things into categories and provide examples that fit into each. It is up to you to decide on classification criteria, but you should almost surely clarify your thinking.

How to Start a Classification Essay?

Here are some important steps that you should follow to start a classification essay.

1. Idea-Generation

To write your categorization essay, most lecturers assign you a certain topic. If you aren’t given a topic, brainstorm a few possibilities and come up with something interesting. Choose a group of items that can be sorted into groups logically. Also, come up with something that has clear comparison categories.

2. Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the writer’s principal point of view on the subject. It’s the stance that your entire essay, including the major body, is built on. As a result, it’s critical to craft a compelling message. To make your essay more powerful and compelling, include examples and proof.

3. Create a Classification Essay Outline

After you’ve gathered all of the necessary information, you’ll need to appropriately structure and organize it. As a result, jot down the essential points and make a logical connection between them. If you have any unneeded ideas, get rid of them.

4. Write a Classification Essay Introduction

The classification essay’s introduction is the first and most crucial section. You must identify the subject and the objects to be classified in this section.

To make your introduction appealing, start with an intriguing hook statement. A solid starting line will pique the reader’s interest in the essay. After that, state the essay’s aim and the rationale for categorizing the things.

Finally, construct a compelling thesis statement to draw attention to the discussion’s main point. This statement should be created early in the writing process to assist the writer in staying on track.

5. Draft the Body Section

Depending on the categories, the body section of the categorization essay may contain three or more paragraphs. The thesis statement is supported by relevant information, examples, and evidence throughout the paragraph. In addition, each paragraph should begin with a theme sentence.

The best strategy is to talk about the most important category in the final paragraph. To guarantee that the info flows logically from one paragraph to the next, use classification essay transition words.

6. Write a Strong Conclusion

It’s the final piece of a classification essay, and it’s where you bring all of the categories discussed in the main body together. A writer will synthesize all of the main points and reiterate the thesis statement in this section.

Also, in your classification essay, discuss the numerous types and approaches that you looked at. Depending on the subject matter, recommend this one over the others. Make careful, though, to explain why you came to that conclusion.

7. Revising and Editing

Your categorization essay’s first draft is riddled with errors, but you can clean it up by editing and reworking it. This can be accomplished by reading your essay twice or three times to verify that it has all of the crucial elements noted in the outline.

Remove all grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors to give it a professional appearance. Similarly, before submitting the final version, eliminate all unneeded and too complex terms and phrases.

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