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The manner we present ourselves to society frequently gives them a preset premise of the type of individual we are. Even though it’s non ever safe to presume a person’s personality based on their visual aspect. people seem to make it anyways. Sometimes people are mistreated due to their visual aspect. but they intentionally present themselves the manner they do because of a pick to be alone. As a pupil in a reasonably big high school. it was easy to see the different “stereotypes” of people. as they tended to hang out together. This past experience shows how the outside universe can handle you based upon a certain categorization they choose to put you in.

There seems to be a few chief stereotypes that can be found in a diverse high school. There’s the preppies. peasants. athletes. hoods. swots. and last but non least. the flower peoples and skaters. who frequently fall into the same class. There are many different people in this universe. all with different personalities. and it’s non just to pigeonhole person purely based on expressions. There is evidently besides traveling to be people who don’t seem to fall into any of these classs. but with that said. this is an effort to place these six different types of people.

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The first group we’ll expression at is the preppies. Person is normally classified as a preppy chiefly based on the type of vesture he or she wears. These people are stereotyped as have oning all the latest manners. everything they wear must be a large name trade name and expensive. Although non all of them are. most people think of preppies as being “the rich crowd. ”

Peasants are a really wide group of people. When most people think of person who is “Gothic” they think of a few chief points. The common construct sing the Gothic crowd is that they are a disturbed clump. These people go for the daze factor to acquire a reaction from people. They display dark apparels and hair along with their withdrawn personalities. Gothic crowds tend to congregate entirely as a whole group and non interact with the more socially recognized groups of people.

Today. as ever most high schools fit the authoritative telecasting description. of class you have your swots. but at the top of the societal hierarchy are thev typical athletes have oning their lettermen’s jackets and cheerleaders. It seems that everyone loves the athletes because of their societal position. Most people who aren’t fond of them will be friendly with them in individual to derive their credence. They are characterized by their good expressions. enormous athletic ability. and huge self-importances. The crowd of athletes. ( frequently the party crowd ) . normally has the pleasance of the most cryptic and inaccessible resource in our society. the hot cheerleader.

Hoods are a class that could be divided up into even more stereotypes. but we are traveling to look at the group as a whole. Your mean hoods are traveling for a mobster image ; they want to be feared yet respected at the same clip. They can be highly societal. but they will be the first to allow you cognize when you are on their bad side. a topographic point you don’t desire to be. They are frequently identified by their baggy apparels. blame music. and an attitude of non caring. There are two necessities to mounting to the top of the hood ladder. the size of your wheels and the size of your ice. The bigger the better.

If you like on-line world games. computing machines. Magic the Gathering. books. or school in general. you’re likely a swot. The typical film stereotype of a swot is person who has midst spectacless and wears ties or braces to category. They are normally quiet and withdrawn from the remainder of the school. Swots can be broken down into two chief categorizations. the book swots and the computing machine geeks. Book swots love school. they love larning. and ever endeavor to make their best. They normally aren’t athletic. and don’t have really good societal lives. Computer geeks are as described. They love computing machines. They sometimes skip bathing and personal hygiene so as non to lose a opportunity to play an on-line game or upgrade their difficult thrust. An acceptable Friday dark for a computing machine geek is sitting at place downloading eroticas.

Flower peoples and skaters. although truly two different stereotypes. they fall into the same categorization for one chief ground. the love to smoke marihuana. Flower peoples are typically wear tie dyed shirts. corduroys. and hemp necklaces. They love Bob Marley and the Greatful Dead Bears. trees. and most significantly. weed. If you were to inquire a hippy if he was one. you might acquire a response similar to. “What is a hippy anyways. adult male? ” Skaters and flower peoples portion a batch in common. They frequently listen to the same music. wear the same manner apparels. and evidently both smoke a batch. What makes a skater a skater is his love for the half-pipe. crunching on tracks. and hitting inclines. whether on a motorcycle. skateboard. or Rollerblades.

Although these stereotypes are socially unacceptable. it is a fact that they exist. Equally long as there have been adolescents and public schools. there have been stereotype-generating coteries. Even though it is obvious to what coterie. or pigeonhole a certain single belongs. it is rare to hold person admit that they are a athlete. swot. homework. or hippy. They merely assume these labels by being themselves. While it is incorrect to label people by their visual aspect. a individuals looks frequently reflect their personality. These illustrations are the most obvious personalities to categorise. One could travel in deepness and happen a different stereotype for every person in the universe. but the mean citizen would prefer to put all others in stereotypes. while excepting themselves.

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