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Essayabout A Case Against Abortion Essay

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Every unborn child has the right to live, so why do people complete an abortion and kill the unborn baby? An abortion is very dangerous for a woman health, it is immoral, and punishes an innocent people. I believe that abortion should be illegal in the world. Humans become animals when they kill their own baby. First of all, the dictionary defines an abortion as “the termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival.

”(dictionary.com). There are several reasons why abortion should be illegal. I believe an abortion should be illegal in the world, because it is dangerous for the female body; in a scene it can kill the mother too. Nowadays, an abortion is very expensive, so people choose the cheapest service. People do not care where it is; they deal with it because it is cheaper than the hospital. Most often, it is always an unsafe place to complete an abortion.

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about A Case Against Abortion
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Asia (without eastern Asia) accounted for the largest number of unsafe abortions in 2000 (10.5 million), which is 55% of all unsafe abortions worldwide. Africa was the region with the second greatest number and percentage of unsafe abortions at 4.2 million, or 22% worldwide. Latin America and the Caribbean had 3.7 million or 19%, whereas Europe (without Western Europe) had 500,000 or three percents. The Westside Pregnancy Clinic conveys that 22% of pregnancies are terminated. It also conveys that abortion will increase the risk of cervical, ovarian, and liver cancer. The Finland researcher in Denmark found that the risk of death increased with each abortion “45% after one abortion, 114% percent after two abortions, and 192% after three or more times of abortion.” An abortion may affect later pregnancies or elaborate. However, mo…

… middle of paper … … ethical for punished the innocent people. I believe if the unborn babies can say something to their parent, they will say “please, don’t kill me!” An abortion should become illegal in order to maintain stability in this world. Every children was born in the world are very lucky, it just because they have the opportunity to see the sunshine, to learn, to enjoy their life in the world. Works Cited”Abortion around the World.” Abortion: An Eternal Social and Moral Issue. Sandra M. Alters. 2008 ed. Detroit: Gale, 2008. Information Plus Reference Series. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 28 Apr. 2014.

Kristine, Chau. Personal interview. 29 April 2014.

Latika, Bourke. “Adoption program: Tony Abbott says Australian couples will be able to look to South Africa”. Mon 5 May. 2014. Web. 7 May. 2014.

Dictionary.com – Free Online English Dictionary.Wed. 28 Apr.2014

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