Against Abortion (English Assignment)

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Why should abortion be legal if murder is a felony? That is the question that gets people speechless. Although babies are not fully developed when this process is taking place, they are still a living thing with living cells in them and they deserve to have a chance at life. Abortion should be illegal because you are committing murder of a human being, it causes traumatizing damage physically and/or emotionally, and you will look down upon the choice you made later on in your life. “Living- in actual existence or use; extant” (vow. Dictionary. Com).

The argument hat comes up quite frequently is that the baby in the womb is not a human being and that it isn’t a living thing because it is just a fetus. Well, according to the definition of living the fetus in the mothers’ body is in existence inside of her, so that makes that fetus a living thing. Also, when people feel the baby kick they don’t say “the fetus kicked”, they already know it is a baby and it is living inside of them. All human beings matter and that baby matters whether you planned to get pregnant or if it was an unplanned pregnancy. Eventually, that fetus turns into a beautiful baby.

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Saying that the fetus isn’t alive is like saying that an adult was never a baby because that person is fully developed now. It is the same thing when you are saying that the fetus isn’t alive just because the baby hasn’t fully developed. One thing doctors don’t tell you about abortion is that sometimes it can be emotionally or physically damaging. There are times when women have had an abortion, but later on in life when they want children, they are unable to bear children because the abortion procedure did major damage on the woman’s body. Also, sometimes abortions don’t work.

A movie came out this year called October Baby (Christian Broadcasting Network). It is based on a true story about a girl who survived an abortion. The mother went into the clinic to abort her child, but something went wrong with the process and the next day she went into labor and gave birth to two premature twin babies. The girl that was born prematurely and survived the procedure had bad health conditions because of that. It caused her major emotional damage once she found out she was adopted and had been an abortion survivor because her own mother didn’t want her.

The other baby died a few weeks after birth because the abortion caused him physical damage to his own body and his little self couldn’t take it. Abortion is a cruel thing and it’s bad for you mentally and sometimes physically. Abortion isn’t an easy thing either. Each procedure is different and gets worse and worse. The lowest procedure is called RI-J-486. In this procedure they use a drug to kill the baby and it lasts about a week until the baby is dead then the mother gives birth to a dead baby. You’re probably thinking, “Oh, that’s not too bad”, but it gets ores. In Suction-Aspiration they cut the baby into pieces while in the womb.

In the procedure, Dilation and Evacuation (D and E), they use a pliers to grab a hold of each individual body part and twist it until it breaks off. They do this until all that is left is the head and then they crush the skull (Abortion Information You Can Use). Why would you want to do this to a baby that could have been someone great? It is very harsh and half the women that go into the clinic aren’t told what they actually do to the unborn baby. They deserve the right to know hat is about to happen inside of their body. At the time, it seems like abortion is the only way to get through life when you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

It really isn’t the only way and it’s just an excuse for people to fix their mistakes. People know that there are consequences to having sex and not every condom or birth control will actually prevent them from becoming pregnant every single time. Contraceptives have some flaws. Even if you strongly believe a baby will ruin your life and that abortion is the only option left, you will regret it in the long run. The whole reason why abortion was made legal in the United States was because of a woman named Norma McElroy or otherwise known as “Jane Roe”.

She wanted an abortion and wanted it to be legal so she pushed for legalization of the procedure and it worked. Then after that she legally got an abortion (Roe v. Wade). Years after all this happened, McElroy converted to Christianity and found the God that has always loved her. She soon came to learn that the abortion she had, was wrong. Now she works with an organization called “Pro-Life” and spends every moment in her life trying o take all regret she had from having the abortion by helping other young woman that were just like her when she was their age by preventing them from getting abortions (Crower, Janet M).

Newcomers story is truly inspiring and proves that you will regret the choice of choosing to abort a human being. McElroy came across two verses in the Bible that explained why abortion was wrong. In EXOdUS 20:13 it says, “You must not murder”, which explains killing someone who is in existence is wrong (Moses; Bible). In Psalm 139:16 it says, ‘You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book.

Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed”, that verse tells you that God had a plan for that child within your body and he intended for that child to live life just the way the mother carrying the baby did (David; Bible). No matter what your reason is for an abortion you will always be killing a living thing, be damaging to your emotions and/or body, and you will not be happy with the choice you made. If murder is against the law then so should abortion. The baby is living inside of you, so it can come into this world and live just like the two people that created the baby.

The certain procedures that are done to make the pregnancy terminated aren’t considered the most commendable things to do because of the way they are performed and the risks that are at stake. No one is ever going to be proud of aborting a child that could have grown up to be the next “someone” or actually make a difference in someone’s life, so why do it? Each person deserves a chance at life and deserves a chance to go through the things people go through every day. Everyone is worthy of at least a shot at being in this world, not to be killed before they even enter this planet.

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