Essayabout A Huge Change in my Life Since Entering College

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My life has recently undergone a significant transformation. The shift from high school to college has brought about substantial changes in my academic pursuits and daily routine. While high school served as my initial introduction to education in the United States, college presents a more intricate system of class organization, study habits, and leisure time.

Both my college classes and high school classes have their own distinct structures. However, I prefer the flexibility of college classes as they allow me to have control over the timing and plan my activities accordingly.

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The duration of my current college classes varies from fifty minutes to an hour and twenty minutes, which I find beneficial because it allows me to focus more on each subject without becoming bored. Additionally, one advantage of college classes is that I can choose and adjust my own schedule as needed. Fortunately, this semester all four of my classes are taught by highly professional and dedicated instructors who effectively present the material in every class session.

Since starting college, I have noticed a significant change in terms of feeling a greater sense of responsibility as a student. If there is a subject that I do not understand, it is now my duty to seek clarification during the instructor’s office hours. Furthermore, I also have the freedom to decide whether or not to attend class. It is worth mentioning that recently turning eighteen signifies my official entry into adulthood!

In contrast, I perceive the structure of the high school classes I had as outdated. They were excessively long with no option for modification. Unfortunately, most of my high school teachers lacked passion and enthusiasm in their teaching methods.

Regarding my experiences going out during high school, I appreciate the increased number of free days due to the various holidays. However, the duration of summer break in college outweighs that of high school. Undoubtedly, I now relish my leisure time much more as a college student compared to my time in high school.

In college, my life has become more intricate compared to high school. This is due to the improved structure of my classes, a more effective study routine, and a greater appreciation for my free time. Choosing to attend college has proven to be a wonderful decision as it has provided me with valuable knowledge in grammar, math formulas, and captivating works of art from the humanities. However, high school was also a positive experience, establishing the foundation for my current knowledge and allowing me to form meaningful relationships with amazing friends. Despite the various distractions in my life, both college and high school have contributed to a beautiful academic journey for me.

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