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Barry Lopez on Entering a New Place

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In “On Entering A New Place” by Barry Lopez, preconception and the stages of it are shown. He shows how you first initial thoughts of certain activities and events can be wrong. He also shows the stages you face until you realize to Just grab the bull by the horns and go with it. In Lopper’s story we find out that preconception can really hurt you. You can’t go into a situation already thinking about how it’s going to be like because it will hurt you.

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Barry Lopez on Entering a New Place
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You may have this big bright idea on how everything should flow, and once it goes the exact opposite you are likely to shut down. Giving up and Just hoping that everything loosens Just right for you to accept it is nothing you should do. You will try to run away from everything, and when you try to Jump back into it, it’s something totally opposite from when you initially left.

You try hard to get back into the groove but it’s hard. After all the problems that you go through, you finally realize that you need to quit visualizing the way everything can be.

You come to a neutral position ND Just do it. You go with the flow and take the good and bad as it comes. I can relate to Lopper’s message in college and to the study of composition. In college, I was thinking that it was going to be Just like a regular class. Once I signed into my class the first day, I saw all the assignments listed in the class work. I flipped out and tried to run away from it as if it was going to get done by itself. When I tried to catch up on my work it was too far behind.

My papers that would last twenty minutes turned in woo-hour papers. When compositions came into play, I would strongly put everything off. I tried it at first thinking it would be all easy, and it quickly came to mind that it was hard. I gave up and the same thing with college happened. My assignments became harder and longer because I tried to Jam it in last minute. I’m glad I read this paper because I realized the bad in preconception and everything that happens during it. I think I will change my ways. Thank you Barry Lopez.

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