Essayabout Illegal Immigration: Pros and Cons Essay

Illegal immigration is a major problem which most of the developed countries face in the current economy, and it has been major political problem for the political parties in America (republicans and democrats) and over years each party has a different agenda to discuss the problem. Illegal immigration can be defined as a movement of people from a source country to the destination country without any legal documents and violates destination countries immigration laws. People have moved across lands over years to escape a war situation or to get better facilities in a different country.

Countries have defined immigration laws to restrict people to enter their land without proper documentation as illegal immigration social and time constraint issues is areas such as social welfare, health care, voting rights, economy and human rights. Illegal immigrant is a person who is not a national of resident country and has entered into the country without any legal documents or residing with expired documents. These illegal immigrants though provide threat to country’s security by entering illegally, but they also bring along manifold benefits.

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America is a very good example of illegal immigration and presents how illegal immigration been beneficial and detrimental to countries economy, culture and society. Illegal Immigration can occur for various reasons, but one of the main causes over years has been civil wars that made people cross borders of other countries. Poverty is another reason where people migrate from other countries legally or illegally to higher paid jobs, better living conditions and one of the main examples of these are thousands of people who apply for H-1B (highly skilled workers) every year to legally work for a company.

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