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The issue discussed is highly intricate, encompassing various aspects including the potential genetic makeup of different ethnic groups. Sociologist John Kenneth Galbraith suggests that truth is often associated with convenience, meaning people tend to prioritize activities they find interesting and allocate their time and energy accordingly. This raises the question of whether everything can be simplified into binary terms. Brown’s study indicates that Black and White athletes have a positive connection with the sports they engage in, perceiving racial or ethnic discrimination as no longer being an issue. However, Simiyu argues that his research reflects the experiences of the Black community, where families actually encourage their children to pursue professional sports careers potentially at the expense of their educational, personal, and cultural development. Conversely, white families prioritize education and career prospects for their children. Research conducted by Smith College suggests that some individuals still believe controversial studies from 1971 which proposed genetic superiority of blacks over whites in athletic ability. The relationship between black and white athletes remains a subject of ongoing debate with conflicting viewpoints. Some argue that the hardships endured during slavery make black athletes inherently superior to white athletes.However, there are those who argue that people derive a sense of empowerment when they engage in their favorite sport and work towards enhancing their abilities. Nevertheless, these differing perspectives persistently generate ongoing debates.


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