Essayabout The American Obsession With Sports

The complexity of this issue is almost insurmountable. Its array covers the simplistic to that of possible genetic coding of the different ethnic groups involved. John Kenneth Galbraith, a sociological expert said “We associate truth with convenience.” It may be as simple, and I believe it is, as people do what they feel like putting their time and energy into. People pursue what interests them. Does everything have to come back to black and white? Brown’s study states that Black and White athletes have a positive association with the sports that they play and do not perceive racial or ethnic discrimination is any longer a problem. However, Simiyu, states that his research reflects the Black community, the families are actually pushing their kids to strive for a career in professional sports even at the neglect or even the detriment of their educational, personal and cultural development. While white families would rather their children pursue an education and concentrate on a career. Research carried out by Smith College its subsequent finding indicates some people, whites and blacks; both may still believe the findings of a number of controversial studies performed in 1971 that indicated blacks are superior to whites in athletic ability because they are predisposed by their inherited biological make up. Whether its because of “the great hardships involved in slavery” (Smith College) that caused blacks to become inherently better athletes than whites or the fact that some individuals achieve empowerment from pursuing the sport they take pleasure in playing and perfecting their skills in. The fact is the relationship between blacks and whites and sports is a foundation of many conflicting ideas and never ending debates that never .

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