Euthanasia : Deep Sympathy for the Suffering

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EuthanasiaEuthanasia – Deep sympathy for the suffering Introduction Euthanasia is the deliberate killing either by omission or commission of a dependent person for their benefit. Arguments against euthanasia claim that the concern for happiness and human life and not their obliteration is the objective of any good governance. They say that the terminally ill are people who require protection from social, economic and family pressures, and who are particularly prone to this pressure as a result of chronic depression, pain and effects of continued medication.

Arguments for euthanasia say it is impossible to maintain quality of life if a patient is dead. While there have been massive arguments, debates and campaigns against euthanasia, this paper will seek to support euthanasia because of the moral issues that relate to the topic. This paper supports that when a personal is physically dead, the only reason anybody wishes to keep them alive is for their selfish clinging onto them with the hope of a miracle and the fear of closure without regard to the wishes of the person. It supports the practice of euthanasia and seeks to evaluate the reasons why euthanasia should be legalized. This paper will have a general audience because of the controversy that it sparks every time it comes up Death is a dreaded subject for all human beings because it signifies leaving the known to go to the unknown.

This is the reason why by its nature euthanasia is a hugely hushed up topic where most people cannot determine whether it is mercy killing, or killing against a person’s will. This paper will useful for those in the medical and the legal profession where there has been heated debate on this subject. Annotated Biographies: Goel, Vaibhav, (2008). Euthanasia – A dignified end of life: Faculty of Law Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa Ethiopia International NGO Journal.

3, (12), 224-331. Here, the author discusses the role of Euthanasia as a license for a…

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