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Extramarital Affairs Are the “Cause” of Divorce.

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Extramarital affairs are the “Cause” of Divorce. Many people believe that an extramarital affair is not a reason for divorce. I believe that depending on the significance of the affairs, everyone should give their spouse a second chance. If you catch your spouse cheating, what do you do or what is going on in your mind? That creates an awful feeling, and because of this, that spouse starts to develop resentment. Everything that comes to your mind has to do with leaving that person and that nothing else matters anymore; the vow has been broken and you do not want to see that cheating spouse.

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Extramarital Affairs Are the “Cause” of Divorce.
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Your mind wonders, how many other times or occasions has he/she cheated on me? I’m a believer of second chances so for this reason, I love to see spouses give each other second chance and not at the first mistake. Let’s take for example former president Bill Clinton is a perfect example of why we should consider giving our spouses second chances in our relationship.

Her cheating spouse publicly humiliated former first lady Mrs. Clinton. In the eyes of the public, everyone said that it was not going to work for them and that she should walk away from the marriage that she took all those years to build.

At one point and time, she considered walking away because it was too much to comprehend. In her darkest and lonely hour she said to herself, we are going to work through it as a family and as a couple. Whether is going to be accomplished through counseling or whatever way, they could work on getting their marriage back on course. Today they are more than ever in love, which the entire country can see. She was able to give him a second chance despite the public humiliation.

In conclusion, morally speaking, the bible says that if your spouse is caught committing adultery, that other spouse should go ahead and divorce that person, but it also says that if you think that there is room for forgiveness, then you should consider to do it. I am not saying that we should continue to encourage adulterers as our spouse, but if it is something that done once, I think that there should be a second chance in that relationship, knowing that you were wiling to try again.

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Extramarital Affairs Are the “Cause” of Divorce.. (2018, May 25). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/extramarital-affairs-are-the-cause-of-divorce-essay/

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