Fairness in Targeted Recruitment System

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Targeted Recruitment is a type of recruitment process that focuses only on the specific requirements needed for a job. This paper explores whether or not Targeted Recruitment systems are fair. The answer to this question is dependent on the perspective being considered. If women and minorities are the focus of recruitment, it may seem fair to them but unfair to men and the majority. However, from the perspective of an organization, Targeted Recruitment is a fair system as it helps the organization to find the specific skills or traits they need. The process ensures that everybody has an equal opportunity to apply, and it involves a comprehensive search for recruits. Targeted Recruitment also provides a chance for individuals to discover their skills and talents. The screening process is efficient, making it fair for all applicants, and there is no room for discrimination. Overall, Targeted Recruitment systems are fair due to their intensive search for a qualified individual, equal opportunity, and efficient screening process.

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“Targeted Recruitment” is a system or kind of recruitment wherein the requirements necessitated for a job will be the only ones being looked for in an applicant . This paper intends to answer the question, “Do you think targeted recruitment systems are fair? Why or why not?”

This is actually dependent upon whose point of view are we going to base the answer from . If for instance, women & minorities are the targeted recruits then this is quite for them and relatively unfair to the men & to the majority . The same is true in the provided example where organizations only recruit those individuals who are 50 years old and above; this is fair to those belonging in the aforementioned age category and unfair to those people who are not part of that group .

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If however, one comes from the point of view of the organization or the one carrying out the recruitment, “Targeted Recruitment” is a system which is considered fair because doing so will help the organization attain “the required specific skill/character/trait” that they need/want .

Furthermore, coming from the point of view of any individual/organization in general, “everybody will be given equal opportunity to apply for the position” to be filled. In such a case, it is fair to say that “Targeted Recruitment” is fair.

Moreover, in a “Targeted Recruitment System”, a comprehensive search for recruits is carried out which means that everyone who possess the specific skill/characteristic/trait being sought out for will be given a chance to be scrutinized, be chosen and finally be given a slot as well . If it is viewed from this perspective then again “Targeted Recruitment” is fair .

In addition to that, for those individuals who have not yet discovered that they hold certain skill/character/trait, this is a chance for them to find out they have this talent/skills making it fair for them as well since they are given a shot at the position too .

Also, since “Targeted Recruitment System” entails “an excellent screening process” every applicant is assured that he or she has not been discriminated upon and that even if he or she was not the one chosen for the position, he or she knows that there is a realistic and rational reason for not being picked (McCurley, 1995, n.p.). This highly exhibits fairness of course .

It also follows that since the “Targeted Recruitment System” involves “an excellent screening process”, then it is highly organized and efficient which also results in fairness with regards to the treatment of each applicant .

On a final note, “Targeted Recruitment System” which is a system or kind of recruitment wherein the requirements necessitated for a job will be the only ones being looked for in an applicant is fair (despite of the fact that sometimes its “fairness” may depend upon whose perspective the answer to the question is taken from) because of the following reasons:

  1. The women, minorities, old people, etcetera may be chosen depending on the skill/characteristic/skill that they possess (McCurley, 1995, n.p.).
  2. Everyone who possesses the skill/characteristic/skill sought for by the organization is welcome to apply (McCurley, 1995, n.p.).
  3. The search for a qualified individual is exceedingly intensive (McCurley, 1995, n.p.).
  4. Nobody is discriminated upon because of the screening process implemented (McCurley, 1995, n.p.).
  5. It is highly organized providing no room for inefficiency and unfairness (McCurley, 1995, n.p.).


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