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Feeling like a Zero

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TURNING SOMEONE INTO A ZER ASSIGNMENTFeeling like a zero is often something that creeps up on people slowly. At least in my case it did. About a year ago I was a different person, I had different priorities, a different attitude, and my goals in life ran no deeper than what I was doing that weekend. I was the teen who was still a little kid, just placed in a teenage situation. In my opinion it is very true that teens today have a hard time contributing.

At first glance it seems as though there are few opportunities to make a difference to anything or anyone. I never realized that if I wanted to get involved I was going to have to go looking for it. I felt that I wasn’t a help or of use to anyone, and part of this feeling was likely stemming from the fact that my entire life focused around attending classes and my weekend plans.

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Feeling like a Zero
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No part-time job, just mooching off parents for money. No extra-curricular activities or clubs, no involvement in anything at all. I felt as though there was nothing I had worthwhile for any clubs or teams. This year I decided it was time to make a change, time to put something out there of my own. Something I, and others could be proud of. I knew that there had to be something I could contribute to, something I could help with. I took it upon myself to do something positive and learn something, a skill or two which could benefit myself, and for once show responsibility. I got a part time job, saved money, invested and came one step closer to growing up. Going snowboarding with the ski/snowboard team added balance to my life and helped with my interpersonal skills. I joined the yearbook club and contributed as a member of a very talented team or artists, photographers and dedicated students. However the Icing on the cake was when I took it upon myself to start a new school newspaper. This was by far the most out of character thing I’d ever done. I had to be a leader, take on more responsibility than I’d ever known along with my other commitments. I was terrified, but it’s taught me more than I’d ever imagined. I feel as though I’ve contributed something significant, and have inspired others that even a seeming zero can turn things around, work with what they’ve got, and make things happen. Bibliography:

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