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Do You Hate the Feeling of Frustration?

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I’m sure that most of you could relate that it is extremely common and issues that many of us face.Introduce Your Topic: If you’re a procrastinator, you can’t help delaying work. Luckily it is something you can avoid, challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.Demonstrating the Importance: You should finish whatever you have to do in advance so that you can truly enjoy life to its full potential.  Today, I will discuss why you need to stop procrastinating, how you can stop procrastinating, and finish off with help you visualize a better life without procrastination.

BodyTransition: Today, I will discuss why you need to stop procrastinating.Need: According to the article “Affective, Cognitive, and Behavioral Differences Between High and Low Procrastinators” by Esther D. Rothblum, Laura J. Solomon, and Janice Murakami (1986) suggested that procrastination has been described as a self-handicapping behavior that ultimately impacts academic performance, possibly leading to greater course withdrawal and lower grades.

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Do You Hate the Feeling of Frustration?
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Some of us have trouble finding the perfect time to study and tend to wait until the last minute, for example, poor midterm grades- withdrawing a course is much better than failing a course. Lower grades seem to have a relationship between laziness, and the skills necessary to complete a task.Transition: Now that you know some of the reasons why you need to stop procrastinating, I will now discuss some ways to solve these problems.Satisfaction:According to the article “Procrastination: putting off ‘til the tomorrow that never comes” by David Plaut, he suggested ways that you can do to stop procrastinating.Plaut argues, “You feel the task will take too long. Is this because you didn’t start early enough?” Poor management is the direct result of procrastination, stop thinking you have plenty of time and set earlier deadlines for yourself. Punish yourself every time you realize you have put something off.Plaut argues, “Would it look less difficult if you broke it down into small pieces?” Confusion is another direct result of procrastination, doing everything at once can be overwhelming, however, break down your workload can help you focus and solve the problems quicker. Plaut said, “Accept the fact that like everyone else, you are human. You will make errors.”

Change your mindset fear of failure is no longer an excuse for procrastination, success requires failure; mistakes give us opportunities to step back from the situation, observe what is going on and figure out how to overcome whatever obstacles may stand in our way.Transition: Now that you know some ways to solve these problems, I will now help you visualize a better life without procrastination. Visualization: Imagine you could go to bed every night feeling relaxed, happy and fulfilled.Now you don’t have to sleep with guilt and worry about not getting anything done. A good night’s sleep makes you feel good but also improve your overall health, for example, better weight control, better memory, healthier skin, etc.Imagine you’re on top of the game, without constantly thinking about your impending deadlines.Now you can go to bed early without pulling all-nighters.You can turn your work in on time without feeling stressed.ConclusionRestate Thesis and Main Points: Today, I discussed many reasons why people procrastinate, provided solutions to overcoming procrastination, and how your life would be better without procrastination.Concluding Device: I encourage all of you to go home today and get started on whatever you haven’t done don’t wait until the last minute. If you experience difficulties, don’t waste time or wait for some miracle to happen. Ask anyone who you think can help or go to the tutoring center located at Newman Vertical Campus room 2-116 or the main writing center located in the same building room 8-185.

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