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Walt Whitman’s Feeling in America And American Democracy

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  • Pages 4
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    Human beings are motivated to observe elements within the world in classified sequences. Typically, the larger the size an aspect is, the more cherished it is well-thought-out. However, Walt Whitman learns an exceptional mode of witnessing the universe. This article, therefore, focuses on Walt’s poetries comprised in leaves of Grass. In this poem, Walt used grass as a metaphor to express his feeling on the significance of equality in a democratic nation.

    Though grass is not considered relevant to most people, Whitman perceives it as vital like any person within the universe. The likeness in the grass is related to a democratic state that does not emphasize the sameness of its citizens, but relatively on understanding their diversity. Whitman hence used the grass metaphor to demonstrate the equality concept when he says that “part of you is part of me” despite the many differences seen among the people. Everything in the world originates from atoms. Thus, all objects seen in the universe are equal since they are made up of the same atoms. By this concept, Whitman wanted to explain to the citizens and readers that every citizen in America should be treated equally since they both contribute to building the nation. The equality opinion remains in his poem Song of myself that states, “I Celebrate myself and sing myself, and what I assume you shall assume, for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you” (Whitman, Leaves of Grass).

    Additionally, Walt Whitman in his poem leaves of grass supported the idea that in a democratic world, everyone deserves an equal opportunity. To ensure every person has equal opportunity in discussing the equality concept, Whitman created a style in his verse that was freer and used a simple language so that every citizen could understand his poems. That is, Whitman wrote in the dialect of public speech. He, therefore, ensured his writings were expressive and understood by the American people. Whitman’s concept on grass stated in the opening part of this document echoes a democratic civilization where the blacks, whites and all other colored humanities, as well as both men and women, are supposed to have equal rights. Not only do individuals of unique skin appearances and gender deserve equality, but persons of diverse classes or even the settlers who just came in America. In Whitman’s opinion, every person should be treated equally in a democratic world and should tolerate and respect the differences that can be observed among the people.

    The importance of fairness in a democracy is realized in each level of Whitman’s writings. In “Song of Myself,” Whitman states that “My tongue, every atom of my blood, form’d from this soil, this air, /Born here of parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the same” (Whitman, Song of Myself). The ‘parents’ specified in the expression is the world, demonstrating that every human being is the production of the universe. Subsequently, the world as a whole is built from atoms, human beings are, therefore, also formed from molecules. As in this concept, everyone who exists in this world has to be treated similarly and enjoy the joy of democracy for we, as atoms are all alike.

    From his poems, it is evident that Whitman encouraged Americans to work hard and contribute in building America. In I hear America Singing, Whitman mentions different groups of people involved in various professions (Whitman, I Hear America Singing). Every group is requested to sing as they continue with their different works. It is; therefore true that, even though the jobs mentioned in the poem are well-thought-out as ‘low class’ jobs, everyone is happy with his career and is therefore encouraged to sing. Whitman wanted to reveal to the world the significance of recognizing people who do small and low paying jobs and thus, they should be treated equally and not judged according to the nature of their careers. Hence, in his view, democracy in America should not incline to a particular category of people in society but should include all people. He tried to make a mindful effort to reveal thoroughly his concept of the common man and the future of America which he alleged to be in the hands of the divine average.

    To conclude, Whitman developed the idea of equality using grass which, does not have a favorite of a particular gender or racial group. He demonstrated that justice in a democratic nation does not directly relate to sameness, but involves different classes of people and their beliefs about lifestyle. Whitman, therefore, wanted to reveal that in a democratic world, every individual, starting from the leaders and the citizen should value diversity. He expressed his humanism nature by writing ‘Song of Myself’ when he used “I” to represent the perfect speech of contemporary democracy. The “you” left the portion where readers were invited to advance their individuality. He gave the readers a desire to express their feelings and an urge to be liberated from any form of enslavement such as spiritual, radical, societal and moral enslavement.

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