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Feminism in the scarlet letter

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Feminism in the scarlet letter Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of political, social, and economic equality to men. In Nathaniel hawthorns The Scarlet letter Hester Prone is the main example of feminism. Hester Prone is a good example of feminism because she did not go for the usual role of women during her time.

She became a Independent and strong women by following her own rules, living by her own choices and being women enough to accept the consequences of her choices and live with them.

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Feminism in the scarlet letter
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Hester Prune’s character is similar to the Mrs.. Ann Hutchison Some say that that’s where the character of Hester Prone. The sketch introduces itself too reality as a lesson in that from subject we used to call the native and place of women. Mrs..

Hutchison Is first represented as the female, she Is offered as a forerunner of certain nameless public ladles of 1830 and the line from hawthorns remark here about “how much of the texture and body of statistic literature Is the work of the slender fingers” seems to run direct , Hawthorne enjoyed competing with women for the draperies of magazines and gift books at the outset of his career as little as he did for the “gentle reader” of romances later In the story Hester is the outsider.

He has to overcome many obstacles in the story emotionally , socially and psychologically. During that they had strict rules that everyone had to follow. These rules basically showed that men overpowered women and women were slaves to men. But Hester place In the story changes while reading the novel where she defies a male authority. While the novel is, in large part. Cord of the torment Hester suffers under the burden of her symbol of shame, eventually, after the implied marriage of her daughter Pearl and the death of Psycholinguists and Timescale, Hester becomes an accepted and even a highly valued member of the community. Instead of being a symbol of scorn, Hester, and the letter A, according to the narrator, “became a type of something to be sorrowed over, and looked upon with awe, yet with reverence too. The people of the community even come to Hester for comfort and counsel in times f trouble and sorrow because they trust her to offer unselfish advice toward the resolution of upsetting conflict. Thus, in the end, Hester becomes an important fugue in preserving the peace and stability of the community. (The Scarlet Letter. ” Novels for Students. De. Diane Telnet. Volvo. 1. Detroit: Gale, 1997. 306-328. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 23 Feb.. 2014. ) the Scarlet Letter is without a doubt a feminist work. The three main characters work off of one another.

Hester is strong and Timescale and Chlorinating are weak and irrupt. Hester clearly overcomes her sin and moves on with her life, while Timescale can’t even admit his sins and Chlorinating is trying to seek revenge on Timescale. Hester has enough strength to overcome what needs to be ended, while America – American Literature AP – Blob’) in conclusion Nathaniel hawthorns character for Hester Prone represents a prime example of feminism and it shows us the role puritan women played during that time. An how Nathaniel expresses the character.

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