Field Marshal Haig: The Butcher Of The Somme

Field marshal Haig was a successful army official who won the Boer War back in South Africa fifteen years before the war. The battle that was fought then was against a poorly equipped army that was on dry plains this battle was in trenches against high-powered machine guns and bombshells which was nothing compared to what Haig was used to.

Haig’s nickname was the butcher of the Somme because some people say that his only one strategy which was to lead the troop over the trenches into no mans land which was absolutely suicidal and that strategy of his failed seventeen times but Haig still failed to see what was wrong with his “oh so perfect plan”.

There are a lot of reasons you can blame Haig for getting that name some are that he never even visited the trenches he just stayed in house warm relaxing home drinking fine wine while people under his command were just going onto the front line and getting slaughtered. Haig had devised his plan of all the troops going over the front line and fighting the Germans on no mans land that plan failed a horrible seventeen times and still Haig would do the same plan over and over he refused to change his plan he was obviously unsuitable to be leading a troop in these conditions.

Haig also had good intentions he knew what he was doing and he was prepared to face the consiquences he said himself to win a war lives will be lost which is true but I still think what he did was wrong but he had the right idea of how to win the war and after the seventeenth attempt he managed to get some victory so that was a good feeling for the soldiers that were in the trenches during that time.

I still agree with the name Haig got as the butcher of the somme although the end outcome was good after seventeen attempts the amount of pain and grieve he must of given all those families that lost their loved ones is irreplaceable and I could never imagine what those families would of gone through.

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