Final Reflection

I have enjoyed writing an essay only few times since my school even though I have never been a good writer but if I get have any chance to write an essay in the topic I love or the topic I know in an exhaustive manner I find pleasure in writing something - Final Reflection introduction. Whenever I sit down to write something, it is always a challenge for me to start and continue my thought in a same ways and to end the piece of writing but since I been writing essays from a long time I am getting used to it.

If I know the topic or if I have done any research related to the heading then it would be very easy for me to write. It is always easy for me to write with a flow. Although sometimes if I don’t like the subjects then I sit down for hours to write, not even single word comes in mind to start my writing. The main hassle during writing an essay for me is to organize my thought and break it down in to different paragraphs and conclude my idea in whichever direction it is going.

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I always love to think critically if possible so whenever I sit down to write an essay, I simply want to divide my though and write it down in few different paragraphs with different ideas. If I write something then it would always be straight and forward. I always try not to write a very long sentences which makes no sense or if it makes sense, really hard to understand. I just want to make it easy. I never used to be the same until I met one of my teachers in my high school, who taught me English.

He was my dad’s friend so he tried to teach me as much as possible and he gave me many tips to improve my writing. As a result I tried to write better than how I used to write it before. Even though I don’t enjoy writing essay every time I write but that differ according to my state or feeling about the topic. As English is not my native language, I often feel like I cannot express the exact feeling that I want to direct but that does not mean it is always the same case. Sometimes I want to convey one message the readers but they are mistaken.

That is the main reason for me to work on my vocabulary. I have 3 sets of a book called “Word Power”. I hope that will help me building on my word power and give the variations on my essay. Writing the second essay for this semester was the toughest job for me. It was not that difficult to gather all the information for the essay but to capture the core ideas of the entire collected document and write in down in an essay was such a challenge for me and it took a lot of time for me. It took me more than 3 weeks just

to write an essay of about 1200 words. MLA format and citation were the major challenges for me to write an essay with. When I look back I feel glad that I did everything I could and wrote all of the essays and meet the required criteria that were required. Now I know the major difference of MLA format and APA format of writing whereas I didn’t know before coming to this class. The small grammatically wrong sentences such as run on sentences are reduced in my writing because of the exercise of writing more and more sentences.

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