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Finding Nemo is a great animated family comedy that is enjoyable for both kids and parents. It provides a refreshing break from the often boring genre of children’s movies. John Lacader and Andrew Stanton, long-time colleagues, worked together on creating the movie, which focuses on the ocean environment. To better understand coral reefs, Stanton even took scuba diving lessons, opening up numerous possibilities for the film.

His main vision was inspired by studying the deep of The Great Barrier Reef in Southern Australia, and it centered around a clown fish. In the movie Finding Nemo, a father finds himself helplessly searching for his son and facing unforeseen challenges. During his quest, he befriends a forgetful but supportive companion. Unfortunately, Nemo defies his father’s instructions and gets captured. Marlin, devastated by this turn of events, embarks on a journey to rescue him. Along the way, he encounters Dory, a sometimes forgetful fish.

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She becomes an important part of the journey in finding Nemo. While traveling through the ocean, they encounter two sharks who initially seem dangerous but turn out to be friendly and go out of their way to assist the fish in their search for Nemo. Eventually, Nemo is captured and placed in a dentist’s office aquarium. The fish who initially dislikes newcomers takes Nemo under his wing and goes to great lengths to help him return to the ocean and reunite with his father. Along their journey, they also encounter turtles who guide them in the correct direction to bring father and son back together.

Since Dory and Marlin became close during their journey, she becomes a part of their family. The protagonist is Marlin, who is about to become a father with his wife Coral. As they both sit in front of a cave opening, looking at their eggs, Marlin suggests naming them “half Marlin Jr. and the other half Coral.” However, Coral prefers the name “Nemo.” They agree to name one of them Nemo and the rest Marlin Jr. In the distance, a Barracuda spots Marlin, Coral, and all the eggs.

After the Barracuda attack, Marlin dives down and knocks out Coral. When Marlin wakes up, he discovers that the Barracuda has eaten Coral and all the eggs except for one. Marlin is now left to raise Nemo by himself. Due to this traumatic event, Marlin becomes extremely protective of his son. When Nemo starts school, Marlin is very anxious about leaving his son alone. However, during a field trip to the Coral Reefs, Nemo and a few of his friends stumble upon a boat and decide to explore it.

Nemo’s friend reveals that their friends nickname it a butt, and the other fish are amazed by its enormity. This information rapidly circulates, and Marlin discovers Nemo’s intention to visit the boat. Marlin begins lecturing him, but Nemo becomes furious and chooses to go to the boat as an act of defiance. Despite his father’s shouts not to approach the boat, Nemo rebels and touches it regardless. Consequently, a fisherman captures Nemo, causing Marlin to panic.

Marlin heads into the deep ocean seeking assistance and encounters a Regal Tang fish named Dory with a memory impairment. Dory retains a crucial detail about locating Nemo, recalling the spot indicated by the goggles worn by the man who captured him. They establish a strong bond of friendship and decide to join forces in their quest to find Nemo. Along their journey, they encounter a community of sharks who hold a stance against consuming fish. As Marlin and Dory approach the sharks, they inadvertently eavesdrop on the sharks affirming “fish are friends not food” during a meeting.

During their journey to find Nemo, the two encounter various obstacles, such as an Angler fish and a blue whale. However, they also come across helpful friends, like surfing turtles, who guide them towards the right path. Meanwhile, Nemo is captured by a Dentist and kept in a fish tank at his office. The Dentist’s niece, Darla, eagerly awaits Nemo as her birthday present. Within the fish tank, Nemo befriends a group of fish known as the Tank Gang, consisting of Bloat, Peach, Gurgle, Jock, Deb, and Bubbles.

Also, there is another fish named Gil who the Fish Gang idolizes. Gil, being the leader and oldest fish in the tank, teaches Nemo survival skills to help him escape. Gil admits Nemo to his gang and mentors him on an escape strategy involving jamming a rock in the filter to disrupt the water flow. The goal is to render the filter ineffective and make the tank dirty, ultimately forcing the Dentist to relocate the fish, enabling their plan to reach the ocean. This emphasizes the significance of family, even when one may not realize its importance.

The highly anticipated family-friendly movie is set to be a smash hit, thanks to its talented voice cast. Albert Brooks will play Marlin, Ellen DeGeneres will lend her voice to Dory, Alexander Gould will portray Nemo, and Williem Dafoe will bring Gill to life. With the comedic prowess of Ellen DeGeneres and others, this unique comedy takes place in underwater settings that are filled with vibrant colors and impressive special effects. It promises to be an enjoyable film for audiences of all ages. Additionally, the movie incorporates suspenseful elements that will keep viewers engaged and eagerly awaiting what comes next. Parents can also relate to the emotions portrayed in this film as it explores the fear, heartbreak, and desperation one experiences when a child goes missing and the lengths one would go to find them.

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