Finding Nemo

Introduction: Finding Nemo is a movie about two clown fishes a father and a son Marlin and Nemo - Finding Nemo introduction. Nemo has a small fin due to a barracuda injury. On Nemo’s first day of school he disobeys his dad Marlin and sneaks away from the reef towards a boat in result of being captured by a scuba diver. The whole movie is about Marlins adventure to rescue his son. Marlin comes across lots of troubles on his challenge to find his son that is in Sydney. Law: Before Nemo started his first day of school Marlin said to his son do not go outside of the group. Nemo didn’t listen to his dad and swam away from the reef to a boat.

Marlin was very angry with Nemo and Nemo refused to swim back to the reef. In result Nemo gets captured by a scuba diver and Marlin makes it his mission to find and save Nemo. Marlin becomes very angry when Nemo had disobeyed his word, but he is also worried that he will never see Nemo again. Gospel: Marlin shows forgiveness in sin in this movie. Marlin is the Christ like figure in this film. Showing his forgiveness by wanting to find Nemo no matter how challenging it will be. This strengthens their relationship as Nemo now realizes to always obey his dads word. In effect Marlin nurtures and loves his son Nemo as he is unique and his son.

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No matter how many times he has sinned. This is what God does no matter how many sins we commit God will always love us. Gospel in action: Marlin worries if he is ever going to have Nemo back by his side through the whole movie. But Marlin never loses faith through the whole film, Marlin keeps strong and holds high hope that he will find Nemo. This is also what God would do he would never lose faith in you. Finding Grace and Mercy: In the beginning of the movie when Marlin first meets Dory. They argue when they find a scuba goggle with an address on it. It snaps in dory’s face and causes a nose bleed.

Dory is very upset with Marlin that he did this to Dory but on the scent of blood it attracts the Sharks senses and they get chased down. This brings Marlin and Dory’s friendship closer as they stick together and help get away from the shark together and didn’t leave each other behind to get eaten. They find grace in each other as they both stayed together and didn’t leave one another behind. At the end when Marlin and Nemo are reunited Nemo begged his dad for mercy. Marlin forgave his son. As marlin is the God like figure in this film marlin is giving forgiveness for ones that take the temptation and that is what God does.

He forgives us for taking temptation of committing sin. What can you learn from finding Nemo? In the scene where marlin and dory are trapped inside of the whale’s mouth, marlin feels that they are not going to ever find Nemo and that he is going to get eaten by the whale. Marlin, by his own effort, fails to escape from the whale’s mouth. In the end, if he holds on to the taste bud, he’ll die. There’s no water in the whale’s mouth. But Marlin thinks that he has to hold on to live. The very thing he thinks is keeping him alive is killing him.

He must let go, succumbing to “certain death” in order to be blown out of the whale’s blow-whole, his life saved. We try to save ourselves by our own efforts. We try to “be all we can be. ” We can’t. We keep trying, we hold on. This holding on, the thing that we think is saving us, is actually killing us. It is keeping us from our Saviour. Letting go, giving up, and succumbing to certain death is the only way we can live. Bible in Finding Nemo 7 “If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it. ”Genesis 4:7.

This verse is saying that you always have the temptation to sin even if you try and avoid it. You must try and not take the temptation of but God will forgive you even if you do as he gave up his own son for our sins. How can Teenagers relate? Teenagers can relate to this movie as they always have temptations all around them growing up but they need to learn how to avoid taking these temptations. All teenagers should realise that even though they may think that their parents wouldn’t understand because they are too old they have been young once and have some understanding and could help you through your troubles.

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