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Food Rules by Michael Pollan

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Food Rules by Michael Pollan
Michael Pollan informs us that the Western diet of highly processed foods, fast foods, loads of added fat, sugar, salt, and tons of refined grains is not good for our bodies and detrimental to our overall health and well being. Our bodies need many more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains than most people are eating. The overall message of this book is that anyone can nourish their bodies and become healthy if they stay away from the Western diet.

Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are linked to this exact diet. In this eater’s manual, Pollan strives to aid Americans in the simplest way possible. He creates a manual that instructs people how to make small changes in their everyday life and eat a more traditional diet. Those who abandon Western-eating habits often experience significant improvements in their overall health.

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Food Rules by Michael Pollan
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In this book, Pollan provides practical steps a person wants to to eat right should take.

Pollan has one main point in this manual that is restated in countless different ways. His main argument is that processed foods are destructive to ones health. One rule that he explained was “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” There are many new complicated food products that are available in our grocery stores. There are many reasons to avoid eating such foods, including the fact that they have various chemical additives and corn and soy derivatives. Many of the foodish products in our supermarkets are typically packaged in plastics, some of which are probably toxic. Another rule was “Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third grader cannot pronounce.”

The food scientists’ chemicals are designed to extend shelf life, make old food look fresher and more appetizing than it really is, and to get you to eat more. These additives are best to be avoided. Lastly “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.” The more ingredients in packaged food, the more highly processed it is. Another point that Pollan was trying to get across to Americans is that they consistently snack too frequently, and when they snack, they munch on processed snacks, leading to hundreds of excess calories in their daily diet. Although the best way to eat is to eat three meals a day, a healthy snack option would be fruit, nuts, or vegetables.

Michael Pollan sums up the food rules he wrote in this book with only seven very important words, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” He was zealous in his advice to stay away from processed foods, even if they sported labels claiming to be ‘high in antioxidants” or to have “reduced sodium.” The most significant thing I learned from this book is that no matter what, if a person wants to take care of their body and treat it right, one cannot eat processed foods, plants are what satisfies our bodies true cravings for nutrients. I also learned that cooking for oneself is a more healthy way to eat, considering a home cooked meal does not contain the preservatives and chemicals that a frozen meal packaged in a factory would. Ever since I was a young child, I have been very conscious about what I eat and have tried to be more aware of the foods I put into my body. My mom taught me to be very health conscious, because she believes in eating real food instead of processed food that is detrimental to ones body.

I have learned through experience that eating the right foods and exercising keeps me from getting sick and allows me to have a more positive outlook on life. I have done much research online in previous years about the types of foods I should be eating. Before I read this book, I knew some basic knowledge, like the fact that many companies put harmful chemicals in their food products to give them a better shelf life. Whenever I can, I try to go to the farmers market near my town with my mom. Being able to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables makes me more willing to eat them. A bias I have is that I have a slight aversion to meat, which prevents me from eating processed meats filled with fats and chemicals. I really do not want to put a processed hot dog or a portion of beef grown with antibiotics inside my body. For years when I was younger, I would get absolutely awful stomach pains, for no apparent reason. It happened quite frequently and I started to try to record what I ate before I got the horrible pains throughout my abdomen.

Through careful observation, I realized that every time my stomach became upset, it was because I had just eaten a processed snack, like buttered popcorn, or fruit gummies. My realizations that these processed foods were making me physically sick caused me to reevaluate the food choices I was making throughout the day. These days, I eat as many fruits and vegetables as I possible can, because I know it is good for my stomach, and my overall health and wellbeing.

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