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Having a strong running back is important in football, but having an exceptional one is crucial for winning championships. An extraordinary running back possesses qualities such as speed, agility, strength, and power. Nevertheless, their unwavering spirit and dedicated determination are the most vital aspects.

These are the essentials for an exceptional running back. Speed and agility are essential for quickly reaching the line of scrimmage and maximizing yardage when opportunities arise due to gaps created by the linemen. Speed and agility are also crucial for creating distance from opponents after crossing the line of scrimmage. After surpassing the defensive linemen, the running back can rely on their quickness and ability to rapidly change speed, adjust their body weight, and outmaneuver the initial defenders.

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When the running back surpasses the initial running defenders such as the defensive linemen and line backers, it will be his speed that decides whether he can score a touchdown. This is because he must surpass the fastest players on the field, namely the corner backs and safeties. In addition, power and strength are crucial for establishing one’s physical presence on the field. A powerful runner is more efficient at giving hits than taking hits. By delivering solid hits to anyone who tries to tackle him, the running back can instill fear into his opponents.

By inducing fear, the opposing team’s tackles can be disrupted. Power and strength are also essential as they make it difficult for the running back to be tackled. To illustrate, possessing a strong lower body allows running backs to exert force, evade potential tacklers, and secure important yards in situations of limited distance. The final and most crucial element is the presence of heart and determination.

Having heart and determination is crucial for a great running back. Their willingness to play through pain, dig deep within themselves, strive for the extra yard, and endure excruciating hits defines their heart and determination. Despite any physical limitations, such as being slower or weaker than other running backs, heart and determination can compensate for these shortcomings. Thus, the three aforementioned elements are what make a running back great.

A great running back demonstrates their greatness through their consistent ability to do remarkable things on the field. Terelle Davis, Barry Sanders, and Walter Payton exemplify these qualities in their football careers, consistently performing at a high level and fitting the ideal vision of a running back.

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