Welcome to the 8th Founder’s Day of Welspun Vidya Mandir!

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1 ] Welcome reference– A really good eventide to all the fantastic people present today… Its a pleasance to get down this auspicious juncture by heartily welcoming every organic structure to the eighth founder’s twenty-four hours of our school. which one time once more brings to the head the originative propensities of our pupils in the most announced mode. On behalf of Welspun Vidya Mandir household. I take this chance to welcome our honest main invitee for the flushing A many-sided adult male of rich varied experience in the field of Medicine. is soon the in Gujarat province he has received many awards. We besides have with us. Shree B. B. Sharmaji. Director. Operations. Welspun India Limited. Mrs. Sandhya Sharma. Mr. and Mrs. Tandon. Director Met Trade limited and other senior very important persons from Welspun. Our school maintains close ties with other schools. We are happy to hold with us Mr. Subodh Thapaliyal. Principal. Delhi Public School. Gandhidham. Mr. Rashmikant Makwana. Principal. Adani Public School. Mundra. Mrs. Ritu Agarwal. Principal. Euro Kids. Adipur and Mr. Mehul Trivedi. Principal. Aum Vidya Mandir. Gandhidham.

An excess particular word of welcome must travel to all our friends. household and generous invitees who have traveled far and broad to portion today with us This is an one-year event that we organize to supply to our pupils a large platform to expose their endowments which can non be exhibited in a schoolroom in the regular class of surveies. 2 ] Lighting of the Lamp Gitanjali –I now invite Ma’am Kavita and Maam Neeraj to continue for the lighting of the lamp. Thank you Sreerag for the inspiring supplication in congratulations of Lord Ganesha. 3 ] Congratulation I now invite our Principal Mrs. Kavita Tandon. Primary Head – Mrs. Neeraj Katoch. School Head Boy Naman Agrawal and School Head Girl Shreya Parmar to congratulate our main invitee. Thank you Ma’am. Now Chakshika Chaplot of class XI along with Unmesh Dinda of class X will take you through the ceremonial this eventide. # ] Introduction [ subject ] Unmesh — [ Theme ] The subject for our Annual Day this twelvemonth is Fusion. Life is a beautiful combination of colorss. emotions and stages. Today through our programme we are doing a low effort to observe that merger which life is all about. 4 ] Chakshika: Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of music and all the originative humanistic disciplines. Saraswati is called the female parent of the Veda’s and the depository of Brahma’s originative intelligence. Saraswati is besides called Vak Devi. the goddess of address. Today our school Choir is showing a vocal in congratulations of Goddess Saraswati.

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After the song- The pupils were trained for this tuneful anthem by the Head of the Music Department Mr. Rutav Pathak. Thank you. sir. 5 ] Play House and L. K. G—Chakshika –Have you of all time wondered why there are seasons? Wouldn’t it be great if it was jumping all twelvemonth or summer? Seasons are fantastic! Without them. we can non play in xanthous. ruddy. and orange foliages when fall comes our manner. have fun in the excess hot Sun in the summer clip. watch snowflakes fall during winter. or bask the chilly forenoons and blossoming flowers of early spring. The small 1s of Play House and L. K. G are here to picture the different seasons. End– Parents please note. this is the junior most category. The kids are below 3 old ages.

6 ] Unmesh –Class I A and C— Yoga and Aerobics — Do you all want to cognize what is the key to remain healthy and happy? It is an easy expression – all you need to make is indulge yourself in a regular physical activity and follow a balanced diet. Aerobics. exercisings and yoga are wide-spread ways of accomplishing better wellness for the health-conscious people of the universe. The term “aerobic” means “in the presence of O. ”And Yoga in Sanskrit bases for connexion. or brotherhood. The pupils of Grade I A and I B are traveling to expose their accomplishments in aerobic exercises and yoga.

End – Indeed really reviewing I think we can decidedly seek out these exercisings and loosen up our organic structure and head. A really large thank you Ma’am Anju and Ma’am Navneeta for developing the small 1s. 7 ] Chakisha — Koli Dance: [ Class vitamin D Class IA. D—We now have a merger of two dance signifiers Tribal and western. We begin with a Koli dance by the pupils of Grade I. Koli is one of the most popular common people dance signifier of Maharashtra State that derives its name from the fishermen normally known as the Kolis ; hence competently called the “Koli Nritya” or “Koli Dance” . Unmesh –Harsha B – A batch of western influence is seen in the metro metropoliss of India. Peoples tend to be modernized and for some the definition of being modern is to talk English. Look English and even Dance on pes tapping English music. The modern pupils of Grade I are all set to demo us some fantastic stairss on western music. End– An unbelievable merger of two different dance signifiers.

The pupils were guided by Ma’am Harsha. Ma’am Rajuli AND Ma’am Shreesha. 8 ] Chakisha— [ Class II A. B and C Parents ] – It is human nature. to take others for granted particularly those who are really near to them. We sometimes ignore and fail to recognize the importance of parents in our lives. And when most of us do recognize their importance ; it is either excessively late or much clip has been lost. Life is a journey and we go through different phases in it. Today life has become more of a race. Peoples. alternatively of basking it. desire to win it. Their calling and their activities have become so of import for them that their loved 1s are of lesser value to them. With clip our attitude towards our parents has changed. The pupils of Grade II are showing a short skit and dance to demo the importance of parents in our life and why we should esteem them. End –Thank you kids for reminding us to appreciate and love our parents as they are the most expensive hoarded wealth we have. This beautiful dance was guided by Ma’am Monica. Ma’am Jyoti and Ma’am Jayshree.9 ] Unmesh– U. K. G A and B– Children and animate beings have ever been best of friends. Not merely do kids hold a natural fondness for furry. four-legged animals. They can besides larn a batch from their carnal friends. A farm is really particular topographic point little kids specially when they have to travel for a field day. The pupils of U. K. G A and B are all set to see Old MacDonald’s farm to see the different animate beings and birds and have some merriment with them.

End— Thank you kids. Truly gratifying the small 1s need a immense unit of ammunition of hand clapping for entertaining us and reminding us of our school yearss. The pupils were guided by Ma’am Asma. Ma’am Rekha. Ma’am Ritu and Ma’am Trishna.10 ] Chakisha –Class IV – Women are an built-in portion of society but every now and so they are crushed. cursed and sacrificed by the male dominant society. harmonizing to their demand. Women are the Godheads and their bosom is an ocean of love and concern. The pupils of Grade IV are showing a dance as a testimonial to all the adult females who deserve equal regard and love from the society. The dance includes a merger of tandav. Arabian. modern-day. obeche and common people dance. END— This unbelievable dance was choreographed by Ma’am Jaya Chande and Ma’am Shampa. 11 ] Unmesh — U. K. G degree Celsius and D –Flowers have played a cardinal function all throughout human history. Traces of their utility can be found in assorted spiritual texts. common people narratives. and myths. Flowers besides play an of import function in doing the life of a human being more cheerful and happy. The most of import map that flowers have. nevertheless. is their power to convey profound human emotions and ideas the manner no other object can. The small flowers of U. K. G C and D are showing a merger of flowers and musical notes on some fantastic vocals.

End— Wow! Truly fantastic to see the beauty of nature presented so attractively by the small 1s of U. K. G. The pupils were guided by Ma’am Beena. Ma’am Madhushree. Ma’am Meenakshi. and Ma’am Momita. 12 ] Unmesh –Class III– India is likely the lone state in the universe where people belonging to different faiths. castes and credos. holding different civilizations. idolizing different Gods and divinity live together in perfect harmoniousness. Emotional integrity plays its ain portion. The pupils of Grade3 are showing a dance with different ragas. lamps. and colours picturing our unity. End – Wow! Indeed unbelievable. Parents kindly note there were 97 pupils in this group. The pupils were guided and trained by Ma’am Rupali. Ma’am Puja. Ma’am and Vandana Upadhiya. 13 ]

Chakisha –Aanganwadi kids Welspun is non merely one of the largest corporate houses in Kutch. but besides an organisation that realizes its moral and societal duties towards those assisting custodies that have made Welspun what it is today. It has hence taken the enterprise of get downing “Welspun Aanganwadi”- a twenty-four hours school for the kids of the workers settlement. as a portion of Corporate Social Responsibility. We now have the bantam yearlings of Welspun Aanganwadi showing a dance on the vocal “_Akdam Bakadam. After the dance- The dance performed by these small 1s was choreographed by Maam Vijaya. Maam Alpa. Maam Meena and Maam Shivani.

14 ] Unmesh — [ Happiness—L. K. G A and B ] – Life can be slippery. Life can be gluey. Life can be fun. Life can be sad. But one thing is for certain. life alterations like the conditions. and we can either “go with the flow” or battle it. What is the usage of worrying? It ne’er was deserving while. so pack up your problems in your old kit-bag. and smile. smiling. smiling as the small 1s of L. K. G A and B are here to take us into their universe of dreams and felicity and demo us that the clip to be happy is now and the topographic point to be happy is here. End– Really an unbelievable act and chapeaus off to the instructors who have trained these small admirations. 15 ] Annual Report Annual Report by Maam Kavita — Gitanjali: . I would wish to name upon our well-thought-of Principal. Ma’am Kavita Tandon to show a brief docket and highlight the accomplishments of our school in her one-year study. End Thank you ma’am.

16 ] Chakisha– Classical dance signifier17 ] Unmesh– Class V Shadow Dance– The following presentation is a merger of shadow dance and play that displays the never-never land of a small kid. Through this public presentation the participants are seeking to picture the penetration of a child’s head. The kid has created a beautiful universe of his ain and dwells in it to seek beauty. peace and hope. His universe provides him an flight from the drilling and unenrgetic experience he faces every twenty-four hours. When he awakes he finds himself refreshed and enthusiastic to once more follow the humdrum modus operandi of his life. But the inquiry arises are we non capable to supply a existent universe to our kids which is devoid of concern. sorrow and agony. End — An exceptionally fantastic construct. I would wish to name all the participants of this act on the phase who have given us such a fantastic dainty. I request the audience to give them a immense unit of ammunition of hand clapping. The pupils were guided by Ma’am Rita. Ma’am Anjana and Ma’am Priyanka. 18 ] Chief Guest’s Address

Gitanjali–I would now like to ask for our head invitee to come and state a few words. After the address —Thank you sir/ ma’am for giving us your cherished clip from your busy agenda. 19Prize Distribution [ The School Toppers. Teachers and the Humble staff ] Gitanjali — We are now traveling to take a really short interruption and traveling to congratulate the proud pupils of category Ten for the academic session 2011-12 who have truly made us proud and have brought awards to the school. We begin with our School Topper. 14 ] Prize Distribution ( 15 min ) Gitanjali –

We are now traveling to take a short interruption and traveling to congratulate the proud pupils of category Ten for the academic session 2010-11 who have truly made us proud and have brought awards to the school. The school is showing them a Welspun towel with their name embroided on it. I would bespeak to delight come and make the honours. I besides request their category instructor Ma’am Kirti Thapa to escort the pupils. Parents please note the pupils are toppers in the topics mentioned along with their names. We begin with.

1 ] Adarsh Sen: English. Sanskrit. Maths. and Science.2 ] Aakash Goyal: English. Sanskrit. Maths. Science and Social Science.3 ] Ashwin Siwdas: English. Maths. Hindi and Science.4 ] Chakisha Chaplot – English. Maths and Hindi.5 ] Chandresh Soni: English. Social Science and Science.6: Chetan Rabari: Hindi.7 ) Jinen Maisheri: English. Hindi. Maths. Science and Social Science I now request to delight come on the phase and make the honours8 ] Mehul Bapat: English. Science and Sanskrit.9 ] Navin Rabari: Hindi.10 ] Nikhil Vanjani: English. Sanskrit. Maths. Science and Social Science11 ] Pulkit Acharya: English.12 ] Sagar Vagad: English. Sanskrit. Maths. Science and Social Science.13 ] Sagar Nishant: English AND Science14 ] Saurabh Patil: English. Mathematicss and Science.15 ] Shivam Bharadwaj: Science16 ] Suraksha Naik. English. Sanskrit. Maths. Science and Social Science.17 ] Yash Vanjani: English. Sanskrit. Maths. Science and Social Science Gitanjali-We are now traveling to hold a little award distribution ceremonial for the inter-house competitions.

Best House in Academics-Best House in Sports –Best House in Cultural Activities –Gitanjali—Children are like wet cement. whatever falls on them makes an feeling. Here a instructor plays an of import function in modeling a child’s hereafter so that he is ready to take up the challenges of life. The instructor besides influences a child’s overall personality and helps him to ground out things for himself with a broad head. The direction awards two instructors and one care staff member every twelvemonth for their dedication hardwork and committedness throughout the twelvemonth. I would now ask for Maam Kavita to declare the awards. Thank you Maam.

20 ] Chakisha Class VI Colours – Welcome back—Unmesh can you Imagine a universe without coloring material? Everything would be in monochrome. The feeling would be tantamount to populating in a black and white telecasting. There would be non much fluctuation and everything would be of the same sunglassess. black and white. That would be so grey. sad and glooming. Coloring material is involved in about every facet of our lives. Ever wondered how on blending two colorss together one gets a new coloring material. The pupils of Grade six are here non to distribute colorss merely on the phase but in our lives every bit good. End— An highly colorful and mind blowing public presentation. We even got to larn and see that the combination of any two primary colourss creates a secondary colour. This colorful dance was choreographed by Ma’am Monali and Ma’am Preeti. 21 ] Unmesh–Class VII Unmesh— Sargam ] It is a fact that we are all more likewise than we are different.

Possibly we are the lone life signifiers on Earth who are blessed with different linguistic communications. This dance is a merger of two linguistic communications that are researching ways to guarantee the greatest sum of harmoniousness between each other and base on balls on the message of integrity in diverseness. [ pic ] End—Indeed a mesmerizing public presentation by the pupils of Grade VII. reminding us that United we stand and Divided we fall. This fantastic dance was choreographed by Ma’am Vijaya with the aid of Ma’am Deepa. Parents please note all the fantastic props for the full programme were made by Ma’am Jaya Hingorani and Ma’am Sunita Dinda. 22 ] Chakisha – Class X – Simply yet genuinely said by Charlie Chaplin. “Only that which emotes from the bosom can make the bosom of others” . The pupils of Grade X are here to show a dance merger of the tune king Kishore Kumar and “The hobo. Charlie Charplin” followed by some fantastic stunts by the male childs of Grade X. End – That was a fabulous public presentation with some breathtaking stunts.

The pupils were guided by Ma’am Namita Agrawal. Ma’am Kirti and Hiren Sir. 23 ] Unmesh– Class VIII – We are told that that everything in nature is made up of the 5 basic elements. [ movie ] They are the Corner Stones of CREATION. because they are in everything. They are unrecorded. throbbing with activity and breathe beauty. Each element’s being depends on the others presence. This merger of elements and their co-existence in harmoniousness is really attractively displayed through assorted dance signifiers such as Bharatnatyam. Salsa. Break Dance and Contemporary. End— A congratulations worthy public presentation by the pupils. The pupils were trained by Ma’am Vandana Nair and Ma’am Bindu Verma. 24 ] Chakisha — Class IX– Women have the most of import function in our life. still she is deprived of freedom and individuality. It is from her lips and laps. a kid begins his acquisition. Yet her part is non recognized by the household and society. Through the merger of mummer and Indian Ballet the pupils of Grade IX are here to observe her personhood. End –

25 ] Unmesh —Western Dance: Mixed Group –And now for the most anticipated public presentation of the eventide. The following group is showing assorted western dance signifiers including the merger of locking. Starting. hip-hop. lyrical hip-hop. Contemporary and B- Boying. Through this dance the terpsichoreans are seeking to direct across a message of the importance of instruction in our life. The undermentioned dance is being presented by a assorted group including pupils from Grade VI to X. End — I think these mind blowing terpsichoreans have left every one pes tapping with their amazing pes stairss. The pupils were guided by Sir Sandeep Issrani with the aid of Debadithaya a pupil of Grade X

Neeta Ma’am [ Classical merger ] Hindi—End –Such a graceful public presentation with such perfect synchronism. Indeed singular. The pupils were guided by our school dance instructor Ma’am Neeta Vidhani. Gitanjali—It is with Avid Zest and a vivacious energy that we will go on our ocean trip in the field of instruction and co curricular activities and strive to make excellence in all domains. The programme would so be uncomplete if we did non show our sincere grasp and gratitude to our Principal Ma’am Kavita. who stood by us at each and every stage of the executing of this programme. Till we meet once more our sincere thanks to the full Welspun Vidya Mandir Family who have ever been so supportive. I now request every one to stand up for the National Anthem


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