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China Pharmaceutical Guide Volume 1 (8th Edition)

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China Pharmaceutical Guide – Annually updated and written by veteran industry executives, it is the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and market available in English at discounted package prices.Hundreds of pages of new data, information, analysis and case studies.
Thorough summaries and analysis of the latest healthcare reform, drug pricing & reimbursement and hospital tender purchase policies. Comprehensive industry, market and international trade data as well as health statistics are updated with the 2012 (full year) and early 2013 figures.

Expanded coverage on the primary healthcare sector, the OTC and consumer healthcare sector, high growth market segments, key regional hospital markets, the pharmaceutical distribution sector and online retail pharmacy segment. Read more details at: http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/china-pharmaceutical-guide-marketAll regulatory changes in 2012/2013 are updated to present a clear and most up-to-date picture of the Chinese drug regulatory framework with summaries and analysis of all drug regulations in effect by mid-2013.
Focused coverage of China’s deepening reform of its drug registration and evaluation regime, new policies to support drug innovation and high clinical value generics, and its initiative to re-evaluate all generic drugs with bioequivalence studies.

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China Pharmaceutical Guide Volume 1 (8th Edition)
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An updated section covering proposed new drug-related laws and regulations under drafting process with previews of the draft versions.
Extensive review and analysis of China’s drug registration applications and approvals as well as Chinese drug innovation trends in recent years.
Comprehensive review of Sino-foreign M&A, joint venture, strategic alliance, licensing, research partnerships, co-marketing, and new drug research events in 2012 and early 2013.
New and expanded coverage on MNC strategies in China with healthcare reform in the backdrop, intellectual property/patent law…

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