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Freedom Now and Then

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I always think what freedom is. Does freedom limit to an individual person or a country? Everyone wants freedom in their own way; hence the meaning of freedom also differs for each individual. Even now some people feel that we don’t have freedom and we are not independent.

Freedom Then was to fight for our country, fight for our rights, fight for justice. As the song “Vande Maataram” means “Long Live the Mother Land”, All Indians goal was to partition British India into new Independent India.

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Freedom Now and Then
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Many Indians sacrificed their life for our better tomorrow. They always thought about our future, so that we can be independent and not be a slave to someone who has occupied our motherland.

Freedom Now is to fight with the people within our country, against corruption, to end violence against women, fight against terrorist within, who are supported by our politicians. Today, though India is advancing with new Technologies, though many people are literate and women are treated equally, we still lack freedom.

a)We lack unity which we had when we fought for the Britishers. We need different states and want to be divided. b)We are busy with only our lives and future and not bothered to help people who are in trouble c)We don’t fight against corruption

d)We don’t raise our voice on against Violence with women e)We don’t choose a right leader for our country

This makes us think we don’t have freedom in our country. If we sit back and think, it was “Unity” which made a difference to make our country independent. So let us all join hands and wake up the new India with the freedom we deserve and our new generations deserve.

“United we stand, divided we fall”

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Freedom Now and Then. (2016, Jul 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/freedom-now-and-then/

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