Freedom Essay

Wagner Munarriz
Zach Litton
ENG 1002-06
17 February 2011
The United States of America was founded under the principles of liberty and freedom for everyone, as the declaration of emancipation describes. Everyone in this country is free to do anything they want as long as it does not affect other people’s freedom or rights. Freedom remains the sole basis for American society as we know it. Many people believe feel as though we, as Americans, are the only ones who enjoy this freedom and liberty, while other countries in the world do not.

It is time to analyze ourselves and the lives we live, to help realize if we really are free or not.
What does liberty means to you? According to Pastor Logan Hart. “Liberty is the concept of ideological and political philosophy that identifies the condition to which an individual has the right to behave according to one’s own personal responsibility and free will. The conception of liberty is influenced by ideals concerning the social contract as well as arguments that are concerned with the state of nature”.

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(Hart, 2008)
Hart states that true freedom is the ability to maintain a life of intention. He remarks how the meaning of this word can vary depending on the person .Hart defines liberty as situational and subjective to the degree that one person’s sense of freedom could appear to be bondage to another person. The book clearly represents Hart’s believes, but does not explore the true meaning of the word. Giving the reader the opportunity to look for other meanings and getting a personal conclusion of the topic.
Pastor Logan Hart analyzes the meaning of liberty and how it can be obtained. Also he shows how liberty relates and can be found on American history on his book “Personal Freedom”. This country was founded on the fundamental principles of liberty. The Declaration of Independence was composed as a legal notice to let England know that the colonies would no longer be the subjects of dictatorship. As a result, the.

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