The Power Of Freedom Of Speech

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Now and days, the first amendment has proved to be very controversial due to the fact that many people like to abuse it. Society has chosen to use the power of freedom of speech to not just exercise their opinion, but impolitely criticize people, as well as the government. Abuses of the first amendment such as, wearing a jacket that says “Buck the Draft,” and going on an internet forum to ridicule a celebrity are both different forms of impoliteness, but they ant be prevented due to the fact to many people would complain.

Wearing a jacket that says “Buck the Draft,” is similar is ridiculing a celebrity on a forum in the aspect that they are both impolite, but they are two different levels of impolite, that can’t really be compared. There’s a big difference between taking a shot and saying these bad things about a non- living thing and an actual person. The draft won’t get hurt by these words, nor will the draft take the words to heart. Although Tina Fey wasn’t hurt at all room the ridicules that she was faced with, not everyone can do what she did.

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When called an “Overrated Troll,” she comically responded with, “To say that I’m an overrated troll, when you have never seen my guard a bridge, is patently unfair”(Fey). Tina Fey being a comedian allows her to take all the criticism and turn it into something funny. Many people and celebrities would take a lot of those words to heart because it is hard to look past impolite ridicules like that. That is why impolitely criticizing is a lot more severe than irritating things like “The draft. ” Throughout the history of the constitution, many people have unsuccessfully tried to regulate and prevent different forms of the first amendment.

As much as these celebrities and government officials in favor of the draft would like the first amendment to be regulating slightly, there would be too many complaints from the rest of society who want to exercise their full right of freedom of speech. Back when flag burning was a very controversial act, the government tried to regulate and try to prevent it from appending in the future, but since it was technically a form of freedom of speech, many citizens of the United States complained.

The exact same thing would happen if they tried to regulate these incidents from happening. Too many people would throw a fit and the government would have to rule in favor with the majority because they wouldn’t want a lot of controversy like with the flag burning. As much as these impolite ridicules should be regulated or prevented, there is no way that they could do it without a long fight from the citizens. Although wearing a shirt that says “Buck the Draft,” and ridiculing a celebrity of a internet forum are both forms of impoliteness, they really are not comparTABLE.

They both involve the abuse of the first amendment, but impolitely ridiculing an actual person does a lot more damage, than impolitely ridiculing a non-living idea, like the draft. As much as there should be something done about this because it can really affect the celebrities, it would be almost impossible to pass because citizens of the united States would never want their speech to be limited even slightly.

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